Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery Update: Here’s What They’re Offering Kardashian To Break Silence On Paris Robbery

A seven-figure paycheck is on the table to persuade reality TV star Kim Kardashian to break her silence on what transpired during the Paris robbery of her hotel room about four weeks ago.

The story of Kardashian’s Paris robbery so remains juicy that NBC is willing to part with $1 million just to get the celebrity to talk about her ordeal in the hands of several unidentified gunmen, Pakistan Today reports.

Two to five gunmen gained access to Kardashian’s room at a high-end Paris hotel, gagged and bound her, and robbed her of jewels worth more than $10 million. Among the stolen item was Kim’s diamond engagement ring.

No arrests have been made in connection with the robbery, but speculations were rife in the week following the robbery that a notorious group called the Pink Panthers may have been behind the raid. The Panthers have a reputation of high-profile international robbery targeting mainly of jewels. The group rarely engages in violent robberies.


Other rumors tried to link Kim’s bodyguard Pascal Duvier to the robbery, the Sun reported. The rumors of Duvier’s possible involvement were sparked by reports that the bodyguard’s VIP security firm filed for bankruptcy only a few weeks before Kardashian was attacked. Some reasoned he may have masterminded the raid to help him raise the money he needed to get his company out of bankruptcy. Reports that Duvier had deleted pictures and references to Kardashian on his social media account appeared to bolster the rumors that he was a suspect. However, sources close to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West rebuffed the claims, saying that Duvier enjoyed a cordial relationship with the celebrity family.

Kardashian stayed out of the limelight after the Paris robbery and only resurfaced recently.

Kim Kardashian Paris robbery update: The star to choose journalist for the $1 million interview

The report that Kardashian has been offered $1 million to speak about the Paris attack comes shortly after the star resumed her public life, though carefully. Besides making the $1 million offer for Kardashian to describe what happened in her hotel room in her own words, NBC is also allowing the celebrity to choose the journalists who would conduct the interview.

Will Kardashian accept the offer?

Insiders say that although NBC has made the offer to the reality TV star, the move could spark counterbids for Kardashian’s story about the robbery. For instance, NBC is reportedly worried about ABC wooing Kardashian with a fatter offer. Other than media reports and security updates, there has been little coming from Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West about what transpired inside that hotel room. West’s immediate reaction to the news of his wife’s attack was a cancellation of his performance in New York. The rapper also talked about boosting security for his family.

West was angered by the attack, as he couldn’t imagine anything worse befalling his lovely wife.

Return to public life

Kardashian’s return to public life includes her recent appearance at a concert where her husband was performing. The rapper tweeted that he was elated Kardashian was with him at the event.


The reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians has also reportedly returned to full production after the program’s activities were put on ice following Kardashian’s Paris robbery.

Kardashian was expected to attend an event honoring her late father, Robert Kardashian, but her name is no longer on the attendees list, Us Weekly reports. It seems the celebrity has decided to give the November 21 event a wide berth.

However, what you can learn from the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery update is that the celebrity is starting to resume her normal life following the incident.

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