Britney Spears Still In Love With Her First Celebrity Crush

Britney Spears believes that a celebrity crush always remains a dream. It’s widely accepted that almost everyone develops an infatuation for a celebrity actor during their teenage years, however, most people get over their infatuation as they grow older. But Britney Spears remains the exception because nothing has changed for her. She continues to admire the Hollywood heartthrob she was madly infatuated with as a teenager. And she has no hesitation whatsoever in revealing that Brad Pitt was her first celebrity crush.

In fact, the “Toxic” singer has revealed that Brad Pitt will always remain her first and last celebrity crush. It therefore comes as little surprise to hear the singer/dancer/actress give the same answer whenever she’s asked about her first celebrity crush. Of course, now that Pitt is getting a divorce from actress Angelina Jolie, the media is once again curious about Britney’s romantic interest in the handsome actor. According to Us Magazine, audiences were not at all taken aback when the popular singer recently appeared on Australia’s Today Show and revealed that she still has feelings for the Fight Club star.

This is just one of many times that Britney Spears has been vocal about her love for Brad Pitt. In a 2003 television interview, the singer was unnerved when it was revealed that she still treasures a photo of her with the handsome actor. Later, Spears’ affection for Pitt again became the subject of attention when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston divorced.

Even though Britney Spears has been very public about her feelings for Brad Pitt, it’s not known whether Pitt has ever commented on the singer’s admiration for him. In fact, it seems that Spears doesn’t expect her feelings to be reciprocated by Brad Pitt. According to Us Magazine, remarks that the singer made in a 2005 interview reveal that she loves to dream about falling in love with Brad Pitt.

“We found out that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up. So I have a feeling that he’s thinking about me… just playing. He probably wouldn’t even look my way. I don’t care, ’cause we can dream. We can dream!”

Us Magazine also reports that Britney Spears playfully teased Kevin Federline, her then-husband, about her ongoing infatuation with the Mr. and Mrs. Smith star.

“Have you seen Brad Pitt in Fight Club? That is Brad A** Pitt. I wouldn’t leave you for him, anyway, because it’s a dream, not reality.”

Since both Brad Pitt and Britney Spears are now single, it remains to be seen whether the singer will seriously pursue her dream and try to turn it into a reality. In the past, Spears has garnered media attention by making statements that later gained wide public attention. She recently posted a video showing the pop star admiring a 42-year-old studio manager riding his motorcycle in London. The video, posted on a social media site, has garnered millions of views and likes and has made the studio manager widely recognized as Britney Spears’ latest object of affection. However, the singer was probably in a playful mood when she shot the video because she’s previously admitted that she’s happy being single and doesn’t intend rushing into a relationship anytime soon.

On the professional side, Britney Spears is still considered the present-day Queen of Pop. She’s credited with releasing nine hit albums, the latest being Glory, the 2016 album that reached No. 3 position on the US Billboard Hot 100. Now, Lifetime cable channel is producing an unauthorized biography on Britney Spears, highlighting some of the lowest points of her career. According to TMZ, the biography will feature the infamous incident when a bald Spears exited her car and attacked the paparazzo with an umbrella.

The biography could well spark controversy because Britney Spears has not given her approval for the production of the film.

[Featured Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]