Taylor Swift, Drake Dating Rumor: Does Tom Hiddleston Want Ex-Girlfriend Back?

Could Taylor Swift potentially be trying to get with Drake?

According to a new report, the “Shake It Off” hitmaker behaved very flirtatious towards the Canadian at his recent 30th birthday party in West Hollywood, where many of Drake’s closest celebrity friends made an appearance.

Taylor was more or less having a great time with all the guests there, but according to sources, her supposed affection for Drake was very noticeable to onlookers — and from what has been gathered, the flirting was going back and forth between both of them.

With the possible chance of Drake and Taylor Swift becoming a thing, Hollywood Life alleges that Tom Hiddleston is somewhat jealous.

The actor dated Taylor Swift for three months over the summer, causing all kinds of headlines in the media since the romance started just two weeks after Swift dumped music producer Calvin Harris — via a text message.

Calvin, at the time, was convinced that Taylor had been seeing Tom before the twosome even broke up, but regardless of how their relationship ended, Swift was quick to move on with Hiddleston, who she would also go on to end the relationship with once it had ran its course.

With reports claiming that Taylor was the one who ended the romance with Tom Hiddleston, there’s an understanding why the Thor actor would allegedly be somewhat annoyed and jealous at the supposed fact that Swift is crushing hard on Drake.

“Tom is shocked at the news that Taylor was flirting with Drake at his birthday party,” an insider gushed. “When Tom heard that Taylor and Drake were close at the party, his jaw dropped in surprise. Taylor has always had a type of guy she was attracted to and Tom was taken back that she could be into a guy so opposite of him.”

“Tom is in a bit of denial about the thought that Taylor and Drake could be a new couple. Although Tom may wish the best for Taylor, he just doesn’t want to believe it and couldn’t see that one working out.”

According to reports, Taylor Swift had initially planned to focus all of her time on her forthcoming record, which she’s already believed to have started working on. But now that she could potentially be getting together with Drake, fans are wondering what the future holds for new music from the hitmaker, who has sold 7 million copies of her last record, 1989.

One of the reasons why Taylor supposedly wanted to dump Hiddleston was because of the conflicted scheduling; he was often working out of the country, while Swift stayed in New York handling her business duties outside of her successful music career.

It’s unclear whether Drake and Taylor’s flirty behavior progressed to anything beyond that, but as the source already mentions, Swift definitely gave the impression that she had a thing for the “One Dance” rapper.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have not spoken since their split, as Us Weekly reported that the former country artist became uncomfortable with how fascinated the media became with the relationship — so much that it was beginning to put pressure on the couple to sustain a certain image.

What do you make of the news that Taylor Swift is allegedly hitting on Drake? Do you think their romance would last?

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