Kris Jenner Sickened By Blac Chyna’s Ugly Comments Toward Son King Cairo: Fears For Granddaughter Ahead Of Baby Arrival

Kris Jenner was sickened to her stomach after watching the video Blac Chyna posted on her social media page, where she jokingly calls her son, King Cairo, ugly.

Chyna is seen dancing and singing to “Juju On The Beat,” The Hollywood Gossip reports, and at a particular point in the song, the word “ugly” is mentioned — at which point, Chyna looks directly at her 4-year-old son and says it to his face.

Of course, when watching the video, it seems more of an innocent gesture than what others on Twitter have said, but either way one looks at it, sources make it known that several people in Blac Chyna’s camp aren’t happy — including Kris Jenner.

The momager was horrified after having seen the video, with multiple sources claiming that she’s now worried about her granddaughter, who Chyna is gearing up to birth sometime in November.

If Chyna thinks to call her son ugly is funny, then one can only imagine what she’s going to do with her daughter — especially when she finds herself in yet another argument with Rob, Jenner has allegedly stressed.

The momager is well aware of all the arguments Blac and Rob have had over the past couple of months, and after having seen the clip of Chyna branding her son as ugly, she fears that a similar incident could occur when Blac finds herself feuding with Kardashian again.

According to Hollywood Life, “Kris Jenner was horrified that Blac Chyna called her son ‘ugly’ and is kind of stressing about what that says about Blac as a mother.”

“Kris would never dream of calling one of her children ‘ugly,’ and her heart is broken for King. Children should only be built up, never put down, especially by their own parents. Kris is like, ‘How is Chyna is going to talk to my granddaughter?'”

Blac Chyna has had quite the estranged relationship with Rob’s family this past year, considering the fact that nobody approved of the couple’s relationship when they first started seeing one another back in January.

Kris Jenner, in particular, felt as if the romance was bound to cause problems between Kylie Jenner and Tyga, who infamously dumped Chyna to be with the 19-year-old back in 2014.

However, after learning about Rob’s plans to marry Chyna, along with the news that Blac was expecting a child with the TV star, Kris Jenner had no other choice but to accept the fact that the former stripper wasn’t going anywhere.

Now that they’ve all bonded together, Jenner only wants what’s best for the couple, especially Rob, who has been in and out of hiding due to his ongoing battle with anxiety and depression.

And with all that being said, Jenner wants to make sure that when the baby arrives next month, Blac and Rob are both responsible enough to raise her granddaughter — but with the video of Chyna calling her son ugly, Kris is currently seeing things otherwise.

It was claimed that Kris Jenner helped Blac and Rob land their Keeping Up With the Kardashians spinoff earlier this year, titled Rob & Chyna, which allegedly cost the E! network a fortune because Jenner pushed for a deal that would grant the duo a hefty payday.

KUWTK returns on the E! network every Sunday. In regard to the story, however, do you think Kris Jenner is overreacting with the Blac Chyna video, or do you think Kris is making a valid point?

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