Taylor Swift Shocked Kim Kardashian Won’t Stop Dissing Her: Penning Song About ‘KUWTK’ Star On New Album?

Taylor Swift couldn’t believe the fact that Kim Kardashian was throwing shade yet again towards the singer, after having liked a tweet about Calvin Harris releasing his “My Way” video, which is ultimately about a diss track at Taylor, the Sun reveals.

The 26-year-old was under the impression that whatever tension there was between her and Kim had already been settled. That’s what she thought, at least.

But it’s evidently clear that Kim still doesn’t like Swift. The only reason the reality star logged into her official Twitter account was so that she could like the tweet about Calvin Harris releasing the music video to his Swift-inspired diss track, leaving Taylor Swift’s fans outraged.

Sources say that, while Taylor Swift was shocked by the dig, she’s taking the high road and refuses to publicly address the matter via social media, convinced that Kim is craving for attention by reigniting a feud that hasn’t been on anybody’s mind since the summer, a source stresses.

It seemed even more strange that the only reason Kim logged into her Twitter account was so that she could like the Calvin Harris tweet, which made it clear that the mother of two had certain intentions at hand before deciding to make a move that she knew would cause controversy.

“Taylor Swift feels that anytime Kim or Kanye throw any type of shade at her that it is not cool,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “Kim is a mother and Taylor feels she should focus on that over wasting time bashing her. Better to be a role model than bitter.”

It was just months ago when Kim infamously released a video clip of Kanye West on the phone with Taylor, where the rapper kindly asks her whether he has her permission to brand her as a “b**ch” in his hit song, “Famous.”

Taylor Swift is heard agreeing to the idea and even helped write certain lines for the song, before describing the idea as an “honor” to be rapped about in a track by no other than Kanye West.

The video was only put out because Kim became frustrated with Taylor telling the world that she didn’t know anything about the song before its release and that Kanye should be ashamed of himself for insinuating that they ever had a phone call regarding the song’s context.

Taylor Swift started trending for more than 24 hours on Twitter after the video made its way online, causing quite the friction between Kim and her former friendship with the “Style” singer.

While Kim has spent the majority of the month in hiding following the Paris robbery attack, she had no problems getting on Twitter and throwing subtle shade towards Swift, who she clearly has no plans on being friends with in the near future.

The news regarding Taylor Swift’s thoughts about Kim dissing her on Twitter comes just days after reports confirmed that the 36-year-old TV star was making her anticipated return to Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Having initially demanded production to be halted until she’s ready to return to the show, sources say that Kim began filming earlier this week for episodes that are said to air no later than January.

Regarding her ongoing feud with Taylor Swift, however, do you think Kim is being childish here?

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