‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin Rattles Alexis, Hayden Opens Up To Finn, Curtis Faces Pressure, And Nina Reveals News [Updated]

There is a wicked amount of action ahead according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Sonny has been in a very dark place since Morgan’s supposed death and he had some intense moments as he hallucinated that his son was alive and at his home. Valentin has shown up as a free man and left everybody shocked and Claudette remains on the run. Sam’s pregnancy caused some concerns and Nina’s about to shake things up a bit. Anna’s got a new case and teasers hint at more action with Nelle in the episodes ahead. Where are things headed as the week of October 31 continues?

Valentin left everybody shaken at the gathering at Wyndemere and General Hospital spoilers reveal that he will now show up at Alexis’ place and rattle her cage as well. SheKnows Soaps details that after Alexis deals with Valentin’s visit, she will reach out to Sam and reveal some intentions of some sort, believed to be related to dealing with the Julian issue. Viewers saw that Sam faced what seemed like a potential crisis with her pregnancy and Jason rushed her to the hospital. The doctor has said that the baby is fine, but Sam will still be worried and fans have a hunch that there could be serious trouble on the way as this pregnancy progresses.

Anna has pursued the opportunity to dig into Valentin and General Hospital spoilers hint that this could lead to some juicy developments. Soap Central details that she will soon end up with some important news to share and it seems that she will have a major surprise to reveal to somebody. She will be tackling a lot on her own it seems and a meeting with somebody coming up later in the week brings her a sense of familiarity that may shake things up in some way. Anna will reach out to Dante to learn more about Valentin and things could get juicy as she pursues this case.

After a distressing closure due to Paul’s serial killings, General Hospital is back up and running again and Wednesday’s show brings plenty of action there. Obrecht will be talking to Franco about his jealousy issues, telling him that he is his own worst enemy and this jealousy when it comes to Elizabeth will seemingly continue to be a problem. Tracy will be talking with Finn about her confidence in him and Elizabeth butts heads with Hayden when she shows up. General Hospital spoilers detail that Hayden will open up to Finn about her real feelings for him and it seems that she won’t be holding back any longer.


Griffin and Nathan will be working together on something, surely trying to track down Claudette, and General Hospital spoilers note that Nina will uncover something surprising. Nina soon reveals what she’s learned to Maxie and Nathan, and fans have to wonder if this is related to some baby news, given all of the glimpses of the baby name book that have been woven into the show this week. The buzz has been that Nina will end up connected to Charlotte in some way, but all that seems clear at the moment is that the ongoing storyline of Nina wanting a child is about to take a twisty turn of some sort.

Valerie will find herself being betrayed by Curtis during this next show. Viewers watched as Curtis took photos of a file Valerie had that was related to the bombing and it seems likely that the upcoming betrayal is tied to this. However, there is speculation that the betrayal could be connected to Jordan in some way as well. In addition, Jason will be pushing Curtis to reveal what he’s uncovered in his investigation later in the week.


General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nelle will make sure that she’s still right in the mix of the action and she will misinterpret something she hears that could spark some drama. Viewers have been speculating since her arrival in town about her secrets, family ties, and connections to others in Port Charles, and a little teaser via a letter from her father came out during Tuesday’s show. Just what is the truth about Nelle? Ava is said to get an unsettling message during Friday’s episode and viewers should brace themselves for gunshots of some sort as the week wraps up. In addition, viewers will also see something Sonny does to smooth things over with Carly will fail to impress her.

How does Anna’s new case regarding Valentin shake everything up in Port Charles? Will Sam and Jason’s baby be okay? What’s the truth about Nelle, and what is Nina about to reveal? Can Sonny and Carly find a way to come back together and support one another in the wake of their son’s supposed death? General Hospital spoilers tease that plenty of intense moments are on the way during the week of October 31 and fans will not want to miss where the action heads next.

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