Watch Donald Trump Rally Live Stream, Grand Rapids, Michigan: In Home Stretch, Trump Attacking Clinton, Voting Process

With just eight days to go before the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump rolls into Grand Rapids, Michigan in a state where polls show him with very little chance to win for a rally that will live stream from the 6,200-seat Deltaplex Arena where he is expected to keep pushing his attacks on Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

The Grand Rapids rally and full speech by Trump will stream live right here on this page. Scroll down to view the live online video on Monday.

While Trump previously referred to the Clinton email affair at the biggest scandal “since” Watergate, he has since changed his tune. Starting on Friday, Trump now says that Clinton’s use of the email server is “bigger than Watergate.”

But there is no telling what Trump, who prefers an unscripted, stream of consciousness approach to campaign speechmaking, will say in Grand Rapids. At a rally Sunday in Greeley, Colorado, Trump veered away from his attacks on Clinton’s email issues to attack that state’s mail-in voting system.


“Do you think those ballots are properly counted?” he said during the appearance at the University of Northern Colorado. “I know they are saying, ‘Oh, of course, it’s all legitimate.’ Perhaps I’m a more skeptical person.”

However, Colorado’s Secretary of State Wayne Williams, who opposed the mail-in system when it was adopted in Colorado in 2013, said that Trump’s skepticism is unfounded, and that “vote fraud is rare.”

Watch a full replay of Trump’s entire speech in Greeley, Colorado, on Sunday in the video below.

To watch a live stream of the Donald Trump rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Monday, click on the video below. The rally is scheduled to get underway at noon Eastern Daylight Time at the Deltaplex Arena, 9 a.m. Pacific, on October 31.

By appearing in Michigan on Monday after holding a rally in Colorado on Sunday, Trump appears to have adopted a strategy in the campaign’s final week of attempting to boost his popularity in states that appear to be firmly in Clinton’s column.

According to the polling averages compiled by, Clinton holds a comfortable lead over Trump in Michigan of 6.1 percentage points, while in Colorado Clinton leads by 5.3 points.

But Trump’s approach rather than try to sway voters to his cause appears to be to undermine the legitimacy of the vote itself.

“I think we’re winning Colorado if it’s a straight-up system,” Trump told they Greeley rally.

Trump and his campaign strategists appear to be emboldened by one poll in particular, the ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll released on Sunday. The poll is one of the first to show at least some indication of how the voting public has reacted to Friday’s announcement by FBI Director James Comey that the Bureau has found new emails that may be “pertinent” to the Clinton email investigation.


The poll purports to show that Trump trails Clinton nationally by just one, slim percentage point. That’s down from a 12-point Clinton lead just a week ago.

Trump and his campaign are banking on the ABC/Post poll showing a real collapse in Clinton’s support, and is not simply an “outlier,” showing a far greater surge for Trump than most other polls.


But one Trump adviser told the Detroit News that Trump’s appearance in Michigan had little to do with the email controversy, of the ABC/Post poll. Instead, the adviser who asked not to be named said that Trump believes he can erase Clinton’s lead in the Democratic states.

“We made all of these decisions prior to today’s news,” the Trump confidant told the paper. “Trump is changing the map and you’re seeing states like Iowa and Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania that haven’t been in play in some time.”

No Republican has won Michigan in a presidential election since George H.W. Bush, then the vice-president to Ronald Reagan, defeated Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis there in 1988.

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