Who Is Rachel Lindsay Of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Season With Nick Viall?

Rachel Lindsay is one of the ladies reportedly competing for Nick Viall’s final rose on ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season this winter, and it sounds as if people will definitely be buzzing about this bachelorette. What do viewers need to know about this contestant?

Gossip guru “Reality Steve’s” spoilers indicate that Rachel Lindsay may well be one to watch this winter as Nick Viall looks for love. The king of Bachelor spoilers has shared that this bachelorette is 31-years-old and hails from Dallas, Texas. She is said to have attended the University of Texas-Austin where she graduated in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and sports management.

Lindsay went on to attend Marquette University Law School to obtain a law degree, and she was working for Cooper and Scully in the Dallas area prior to joining Viall’s season. Some fans of the show are noting that her attending Marquette gives her a connection to Wisconsin that could certainly work in her favor, considering that Nick is originally from Wisconsin as well. In fact, not only is Nick from Wisconsin, but his hometown of Waukesha is quite close to the Marquette campus.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Nick was definitely taken with Rachel as filming got going, as she makes a strong first impression and is said to garner a key date or two later in the season with Viall. There certainly seems to be a lot to like about Lindsay, as her LinkedIn page notes that she was in the Delta Sigma Theta sorority during her college days and she was active in numerous charitable efforts.

Rachel played intramural basketball and was on the African American culture committee, and this Bachelor contestant earned a scholarship during her Marquette days. She has worked in numerous gigs related to sports, entertainment, and media relations and she worked as an intern in the public defender’s office in Milwaukee for a while and went on to a legal intern position with the Milwaukee Bucks for a few months as well.

After graduating from Marquette, Rachel worked as an attorney at Brown & Hofmeister for a couple of years, tackling a wide variety of cases and tasks. In addition, she worked for nearly two years as a civil litigation attorney for the Willis Law Group. Lindsay joined her current firm, Cooper and Scully, just last December.

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While some contestants who head to The Bachelor and the other franchise’s shows share quite a bit about their lives on social media, Lindsay seems to be more reserved in that respect. She has a private Facebook page that shows just a few tidbits, like that she seems quite close with her mom and perhaps some sisters, but she doesn’t appear to have active Twitter or Instagram pages at this point. Of course, some pages for this bachelorette of Viall’s may well pop up once filming is completed and all of the ladies start engaging and promoting online heading into the premiere and subsequent episodes.

Could Rachel Lindsay either garner Nick Viall’s final rose or perhaps be a contender to become the next Bachelorette lead? Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers hint that she will be a contestant who shakes things up in the franchise in a sense, as she is an African American bachelorette who manages to really hit it off with the lead and become a prominent figure in the relationships that develop this season, seemingly much more so than previous women of color have done within the franchise.

Just how far will Rachel go during ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season? Teasers regarding Nick Viall’s final rose recipient will surely emerge as Reality Steve’s spoilers break down the specifics heading into the January premiere, and many are already rooting for Rachel Lindsay to either score that last rose or perhaps land the opportunity to headline a Bachelorette journey of her own.

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