11-Year-Old Naples Girl Finds Neighbor Hiding Under Bed As She Was Getting Ready For School

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office says that 24-year-old David Hanggigoble of Naples, Florida was arrested Wednesday after he broke into his neighbor’s apartment home and hid under an 11-year-old girl’s bed, leaving behind a “creepy note,” according to the Naples News.

On the morning of October 24, a girl, whose names has not been released, told police officials that she went into the bathroom to finish getting ready for school. When she returned to her room, she noticed her neighbor hiding under her bed.

The girl ran out of the room, screaming for her mother, whose name has not been released, and told her what happened. The woman, who was in the midst of taking her other children to school, didn’t hesitate to call the police, informing 911 dispatchers that she needed the “police at my house.”

When Collier County police arrived at the home, the neighbor was gone but he reportedly left a note on the child’s nightstand, which was written on a piece of cardboard.

According to an arrest report, the neighbor wrote: “Stay home! Play with your vagina all day!”


Police found Hanggigoble standing outside of the apartment building and questioned him about the incident. He admitted to being in the home but denied writing the lewd note and hiding under his neighbor’s bed.

Hanggigoble went on to say that he was only inside of the apartment to borrow tools.

The Naples man was arrested and was “charged with aggravated stalking or cyberstalking of a minor younger than 16 and unarmed burglary of an occupied dwelling.”

The girl’s family stated that this isn’t the first incident they have had with their neighbor, who lives in the apartment below them.

Just a month ago, while the mother went off to work, the girl stated that as she was leaving the apartment to “meet her friend for a ride to school,” Hanggigoble was standing in front of their door.

Hiding under bed
Naples man arrested after found hiding under 11-year-old neighbor’s bed | Image by Monika Gruszewicz

It was reported that the man asked the girl to use her bathroom, but she refused to let him inside and hurried to her friend’s house.

In another incident, the mother stated that when she returned home from work, she saw a tablet laying on the stairs that lead to her apartment. When she got closer to it, she noticed that it was playing pornographic videos.

The mother stated that she grabbed the tablet as quickly as she could to hide it from her small children and that’s when Hanggigoble appeared, telling her that it was his tablet.

According to 11 Alive, “she chastised him about leaving something like that laying around for children to see.”

In a Facebook post, Terry Pearson wrote: “The death penalty is what perverts like this deserve. Why the h*** should we pay for their existence in jail? What are they ever going to contribute to society? I say they should hang these perverts out in town square. Then others will think twice before committing the same perverted acts. And it would be the financially responsible thing to do as well. Rope can be reused so it is cheaper than any other form of capital punishment and no more feeding and housing these types of people.”

“Then the states don’t have to tax people so much extra. I am not saying capital punishment for all crimes. Just repeat sex offenders and murderers. The existence of these vial people does no favors for society.”

Several social media users agreed with Pearson, stating that they “like the way you think.”

Hanggigoble was due to appear in court Tuesday but he refused to leave his jail cell. He remains at the Naples jail on a $100,000 bond.

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