‘House Of Cards’ Season 5 Release Date, News, And Spoilers: Patricia Clarkson And Campbell Scott To Join The Cast

Unfortunately for House of Cards fans, the official release date for Season 5 has yet to be announced. Spoilers and news regarding House of Cards Season 5, however, have started to swirl. If you aren’t worried about spoilers, keep reading to learn more about what House of Cards Season 5 has in store for everyone while you continue to wait for the official release date to be announced.

Patricia Clarkson And Campbell Scott Joining The Season 5 Cast

Breathecast reports that House of Cards recently confirmed two new cast members would be added to the show for Season 5. The new additions to the cast include Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott. Most fans of the show are excited to hear about these two additions as neither one of these individuals are novices to the entertainment industry. These are two individuals who have established themselves in Hollywood over the years. These are also two individuals who have a lot of fans who follow their career which could bring even more viewers to the fan base of the show itself.


House of Cards fans will have to wait and wonder as in addition to not announcing the official release date, Netflix also hasn’t given out any information regarding the nature of the roles Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott will be playing.

Patricia Clarkson fans may recall she was an Academy Award nominee in 2003 for the role she placed in Pieces of April. She is also well-known for her popular roles in Six Feet Under and Murder One.


Campbell Scott has a wide array of both television and movie experience under his belt. Fans may recall his roles in Amazing Spider-Man and Royal Pains.

While Netflix is doing a pretty good job of keeping House of Cards fans in the dark when it comes to what roles Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott will have in the show, there are reports claiming that both of these individuals are going to have major roles in the show. Does this mean they will be in the show for more than just Season 5?

Some House of Cards fans have started to draw lines in the sand and speculate whether they will be working for or against Frank Underwood after they are introduced in the show.


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In other news related to House of Cards Season 5, writers Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson are going to be showrunners of the popular political drama when the new season is released on Netflix. Unfortunately for Beau Willimon, Willimon will not be returning for Season 5 of the show.

As stated previously, the release date for Season 5 of House of Cards has yet to be announced and no one really knows what the roles of the two new cast members will be. In fact, Netflix has done a pretty good job of keeping the lid on things when it comes to what fans of the show can expect from the new season. House of Cards Season 5 is expected to land on Netflix in February or March 2017. This date, however, is only speculation based on the pattern and schedule Netflix has used in the past to release seasons of this show.

Are you excited for House of Cards Season 5? Are you getting anxious waiting to find out what the official release date is? Share your thoughts on the new cast members in the comments below.

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