Ohio DNC Headquarters: Manure Pile Dumped In Front Of Office In Disgusting Act Of Vandalism [Video]

The 2016 presidential election just got a little grosser at an Ohio DNC headquarters office. That’s where an as-yet unidentified culprit dumped a giant pile of manure in a truly disgusting act of vandalism. The incident took place at the Warren County Democratic Party headquarters office in Lebanon, Ohio sometime before 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, and it appears that the vandal in question dumped an entire truckload of the smelly manure just outside the Ohio DNC headquarters’ entrance.


As the Washington Post reports, the big pile of Ohio DNC manure was first officially noticed by a local deputy at roughly 8:00 a.m. Saturday and reported the nasty, smelly mess to superiors immediately thereafter.

As childish and offensive as vandalizing property with a truckload of manure may sound, this isn’t even the first time that such an incident has happened at this Ohio DNC headquarters location. Somebody pulled off a similar act of vandalism in 2012. What’s worse? No suspect was ever identified in the 2012 manure incident.

Fortunately for the Ohio DNC headquarters, the office instituted some new security measures following the first manure dumping incident. At the time of the 2012 vandalism, the building wasn’t equipped with security cameras, says county DNC chairwoman Bethe Goldenfield.

“At the time, we did not have a camera system, because it kind of caught us by surprise. We didn’t think something like that would happen.”

This time around, security cameras were in use when the manure dump occurred at the DNC headquarters, and the act of disgusting vandalism was caught on tape. The security footage has been handed over to the Warren County Sheriff, and the chairwoman says that while she doesn’t want to leak too many details about the open investigation into the crime, a dump truck was recorded at the scene of the DNC manure dump.


The Saturday pile of manure left at the Ohio DNC headquarters was large, roughly 20 feet wide and as much as three feet tall. Volunteers and hired contractors largely removed the manure from the premises by Saturday afternoon. At this time, it’s unknown if this weekend’s manure pile dumped at the Ohio DNC was dropped off on the property by the same person or persons responsible for the 2012 vandalism, but the chairwoman isn’t ruling out the possibility.

“And I’m not going to jump to the conclusion that it was the same person [as in 2012], but of course that crossed my mind. We just need to have a little more specifics, and then hopefully we’ll bring the perpetrators to be accountable.”


Of course, it’s entirely possible that this manure dump was unrelated to the 2012 incident and is rather a copycat crime.

Whoever’s responsible for dumping the manure at the Ohio DNC headquarters may have thought that they could get away with the shocking act of vandalism because nobody was caught in connection with the 2012 incident. However, the disgusting vandals probably should have thought twice about their manure load at the Ohio DNC when they got to the building. Since the office’s security cameras were added, so was a sign that reads, “Smile you’re on camera.”

While the most obvious culprit for Saturday’s vandalism may be the Warren County Republican Party, that group’s chairman swears that’s not the case. Jeff Monroe said during an interview that the GOP isn’t connected to the manure dump and even offered to help clean up the smelly mess.


David Pepper, chairman of the Ohio state DNC had a few words about the manure-related vandalism at the Ohio DNC headquarters. Initially, he seemed to take the incident in stride and even with a goodly dose of humor. However, he was quick to add that the childish and illegal act was, in truth, anything but funny.

“All kidding aside, obviously it’s sad to see people engage in that kind of behavior.”

Even though Warren County hasn’t elected a Democrat to a major office (local or national) since the 1970’s, according to chairwoman Goldenfield, the DNC headquarters that was so childishly vandalized with manure over the weekend has done exceptional work for the party this election cycle. She, at least in part, attributes the manure dump on the words and behavior of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“We’re quite organized. We’re quite motivated. That probably is something that they don’t like. It did happen in ’12 so we can’t say that it’s just about Mr. Trump … but I do think Mr. Trump [and] his vitriol has infected the public domain.”

At this point, it is unclear what charges may be levied against those responsible for the manure dump at the Warren County, Ohio DNC headquarters.

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