‘Killer Clown’ Videos: The Good, The Bad, And The Scary

Killer clown videos are going viral, as America’s killer clown craze intensifies in anticipation of Halloween. Although clowns are meant to bring smiles to the faces of children and adults, many people are frightened by the colorful costumes and face-concealing makeup. Recent rumors about “killer clowns” stalking children throughout the United States and the United Kingdom have only fueled the fear.

As reported by ABC7 Chicago, the so-called killer clown craze likely began this past summer. According to reports, Gags the Green Bay Clown was sighted numerous times throughout Wisconsin beginning in the month of June.

Although he was not accused of harming anyone, photos of Gags went viral and he was labeled a “killer clown.”

Two months later, reports of killer clown sightings increased exponentially and turned far more sinister.

In late August, a number of South Carolina children claimed someone dressed as a clown attempted to lure them into the woods with candy. Although authorities were unable to verify the reports, the alleged incidents incited a panic.

Over the next two months, hundreds of children and adults throughout the United States and the United Kingdom reported they were attacked, chased, or stalked by people dressed as clowns. In many cases, witnesses claimed the clowns were carrying deadly weapons.

Although many people are frightened about the concept of killer clowns, killer clown videos are beginning to trend.

One of the most disturbing killer clown video’s features Wrinkles the Clown, who enjoys frightening children who misbehave.

In a video titled “Wrinkles the Clown Caught on CCTV,” a man dressed as a clown hides inside a drawer — which is under a sleeping child’s bed. Although the video does not have sound, Wrinkles can be seen slowly emerging from the drawer and leaning over the little girl’s bed.

The video was originally promoted as a CCTV recording of a killer clown who snuck into someone’s home and hid under the bed. However, when Wrinkles was interviewed about the footage he insisted he was hired by the little girl’s family to frighten her because she misbehaved.

In another killer clown video, titled “Killer Clown Prank on SleepingGirlfriend,” a prankster convinced a friend to dress like a clown and hide in his sleeping girlfriend’s bed. He also placed the woman’s cell phone across the room so she would have to crawl over the clown when it rang.

The prankster then dialed his girlfriend’s phone number and waited for her to discover the “killer” clown in her bed.

One of the most popular killer clown videos includes a compilation of supposed scary clown sightings. Although it is unclear whether the sightings were staged, the possibility that they are real is indeed frightening. “Top Scariest Killer Clown Sightings Caught On Camera!!” includes nearly 11 minutes of footage and around 20 different scenes.

Although there is a risk of being attacked by so-called killer clown hunters, some YouTube bloggers offer instructional videos for anyone who wants to look like a killer clown.

In her video, titled “Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial,” Kaize provides instructions for applying make-up to appear like vaguely creepy clown. For those who want to look really scary, Katherine Elizabeth’s killer clown video, titled “Creepy Clown Makeup” is even better.

Although very few, if any, so-called killer clowns have killed or even physically harmed anyone, the craze has shown no signs of slowing down. As Halloween approaches, people are even more likely to seek out killer clown videos and stories featuring creepy clowns.

[Featured Image via nito/Shutterstock]