‘Kylie Jenner’s Old Face’ Is An Instagram Hit

Kylie Jenner has a lot of fan following, but she has also built up plenty of haters. Instagram has an account by the name: @kyliejennersoldface (Kylie Jenner’s Old Face) which has a collection of Kylie Jenner’s pre-surgery pictures. The account has a whopping 48,000 followers.

Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgery has always been a hot topic of discussion. She’s always said in the past that she’s not had any work done on her face. However, time and again, it has been proven that Kylie Jenner’s face has gone through a lot of changes that are not just because of the age but also because of some work she’s probably gotten done. This Instagram account has a collection of Kylie Jenner pictures that are all pre-surgery, which means no big lips or enhanced bottom (which has been a subject of much controversy lately). Or even the big breasts that Kylie Jenner got as a part of her birthday present. Life & Style magazine has documented the change.

Recently, Kylie Jenner talked about how she hasn’t had any implants on her buttocks and that the full figure is all because of her “chunkiness.” That’s right. Kylie Jenner just called herself fat. The Huffington Post quoted her as saying, “No a** implant.”

“You know, I used to be 120 [pound]… I was really skinny. Now I’m pushing, like 136. But, it’s alright, I like the chunkiness.”

“I don’t really think I have the fattest a**, but I know my angels,” she said. That’s hard to believe, given that one can easily compare her pictures from before the alleged surgeries and now. That’s what the Instagram account does, and really well.

Kylie Jenner has gone on to say that the reason her face looks so different is because of her team of makeup artists. But what about her jaw, that looks totally different from earlier. How much of the change in her face can really be attributed to makeup alone?

“Working with some of the best makeup artist has taught me a lot of amazing tricks to making me feel more confident and I swear there are things you can do to work on problem areas without having to think about plastic surgery.”

If there is one surgery that Kylie Jenner never hesitates to admit to, it’s her lip enhancement. She even went on to say that she likes her plastic surgeon’s work. “I still do Juvederm for my lips,” she said.

“He’s the best, and he’s super natural about it. I was going to somebody before, and it was just looking crazy. I would recommend that anyone who gets it done go for a filler that lasts only two to four months. It’s annoying to keep going back, but you have the option of stopping it.”

Kylie Jenner said that she’s always been insecure about her lips. “It’s just an insecurity of mine and it’s what I wanted to do,” she said on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

She says it has become really hard for her to talk about her plastic surgery because people are always judging her for that.

“Everyone always picks us apart. I want to admit to the lips, but people are so quick to judge me on everything, so I might have tiptoed around the truth, but I didn’t lie.”

Seems like by “us,” Kylie Jenner meant the Kardashian sisters. It’s true that there is always a lot of media scrutiny around them. Khloe Kardashian, for instance, is always criticized for her alleged plastic surgery. Khloe’s struggle with weight loss is talked about a lot, and there is always a speculation that she has gotten nose surgery.

Do you think Kylie Jenner has had plastic surgery? Do you think she should admit it if she has? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]