Crazy Days And Nights Gossip Site Is King Of The Blind Item

Unlike the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz, Enty, or the entertainment lawyer behind, the website Crazy Days and Nights‘ true identity is still unknown. But Enty’s blind items are legend and the blind item reveals are unheard of. Whether you are an A-list director or a C-list actor, you could find a blind item (blind meaning no names) story about yourself on the pages of Crazy Days and Nights.

While many sites that feature blind items never reveal the people behind them, Crazy Days of Nights is the exception, and often before a big story hits the mainstream gossip sites. Celebrities like Charlie Sheen, who had been living a secret life for years had elements of his lifestyle teased via blind item several times, according to the Inquisitr. Though many people were shocked to hear about Sheen’s HIV status, readers of “CDAN” had guessed it long ago. And before Enty has revealed a blind item, readers can always scroll down to see if there are thoughts from other readers.


Vanity Fair recently reported that Enty of “Crazy Days and Nights” is the king of the blind item for more than a decade, and explained how the pieces are written.

“More often than not that raw data first surfaces in the form of a blind item, a little gossip nugget that might float its subject’s occupation and rank (B-list actor, A-list director) but never their given name, in the conveyance of a rumor.”


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Vanity Fair got an interview with “Enty,” who is often harder to pin down than Deep Throat was in the 70’s. He explains that there is a certain satisfaction for people when the name of a gossiped about celebrity is finally revealed.

“It used to be that I’d wait until [a couple] had split before I’d reveal, but it’s so much better now, where I’ll just reveal it before it happens if I’m 100 percent sure. That way when it does happen, it looks even better. And I’ve noticed over the last nine months or so that if I reveal an item like that, invariably a few weeks later the couple calls it quits. I like these little tiny victories, even if only loyal readers know.”


To say that “Crazy Days and Nights” is filled with tales of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll is putting it mildly. Also throw in some criminal activity, shady dealings, and mental illness, and you are closer to “CDAN.” Enty says that celebrities often get in touch with him, believing that a blind item is about them, and when they find out it isn’t, they deliver dirt on someone else, leading to some of the best blind items to date.

“What I always find hilarious is when they write me, and it’s a blind, not a reveal yet,” he says. “I’ve also had celebs write me who think a blind is about them but it isn’t, and they end up giving me a blind.”

Perhaps the best thing about blind items is that they are fairly litigation proof. Until an item is revealed, the vague details don’t always point to one person (scroll down and read the guesses by readers, as there are often several guesses, so not always one obvious choice) only. But Enty says that his readers are smart, and love a good puzzle.

“My readers are exceptionally smart. They’re brilliant. They’re problem solvers. They play their own kinda crossword puzzles with the blind items. They can track anything down anywhere and they will dig, and dig, and dig until they find the answer. To try and give them anything less than something they deserve would be horrible.”


But of course, there has to be a downside, and it came from the New York Post, which inferred that CDAN is at best, sketchy. Veteran show business reporters have hinted that some of the items are pure fiction.

“People have always asked me, ‘What is it with this guy, the sketchiness around his identity?’ It’s interesting how scared people are.”

Well, it’s gossip, so readers should take anything they read on the site with several grains of salt, and maybe some lime.

Have you ever read the blind items on “Crazy Day and Nights?”

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