The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved? American Military Base, Atlantis, Extraterrestrials Not To Blame For Paranormal Activity

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most debated and mysterious areas in the world. Having first gotten its name from a 1964 Argosy magazine article by Vincent Gaddis to denote the region’s three vertices namely; the Florida peninsula in Miami, the island of Bermuda, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, it has become one of the most infamous places in the world thanks to alleged paranormal activity. Numerous disappearances of planes, ships, and people occur in the region annually.

For a long time now, theories ranging from extraterrestrials, American military activity, and the undersea city of Atlantis have been brought forward to explain the phenomenon. Delving a bit into the aforementioned conspiracy theories, the aliens theory began circulating in December 1945 after a torpedo bomber squadron of five dubbed Flight 19 disappeared without a trace while undertaking a routine exercise in the area. The following is an excerpt of a report on what really happened according to History.

“At first, Flight 19’s hop proceeded just as smoothly as the previous 18 that day. Taylor and his pilots buzzed over Hens and Chickens Shoals around 2:30 p.m. and dropped their practice bombs without incident. But shortly after the patrol turned north for the second leg of its journey, something very strange happened.”

For reasons that are still unclear, Taylor became convinced that his Avenger’s compass was malfunctioning and that his planes had been flying in the wrong direction. The troubles only mounted after a front blew in and brought rain, gusting winds and heavy cloud cover. Flight 19 became hopelessly disoriented. “I don’t know where we are,” one of the pilots said over the radio. “We must have got lost after that last turn.”

The pilots allegedly ended up going further out to sea because of the disorientation and eventually, the planes ran out of fuel, supposedly crash-landing in the ocean. Not a trace of the men or the airplanes has been found to this day. The pilots are said to have seen flashing lights ahead of them soon after the plane direction instruments started malfunctioning. This has made conspiracy theorists conclude that an alien encounter may have led to the unusual occurrences.

The American military has not been spared either in the melange of conspiracy theories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle, especially after it built an underwater base there in the 1950s. Named AUTEC, which stands for the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center, it was created to carry out hydrospace and aerospace research. That said, many hypothesize that the military may be carrying out experiments that lead to paranormal incidences, something similar to those in Area 51.

Presently, however, a new string of logical conclusions has been drawn, explaining why the Bermuda triangle has so many disappearances. The first is that most of the accidents occur because of human error. The fact that the Bermuda Triangle is one of the busiest sea lanes in the world also serves to explain the high number of fatalities and disappearances.

As to why debris of sinking ships and bodies of victims aren’t found, the Puerto Rico Trench, which is 8,648 meters deep can render it impossible to find sank ships. The Gulf Stream which passes through it has powerful currents and acts as a river, quickly washing away anything left behind. This is according to Alltime Conspiracies. You can check out the video below.

The explanation serves to eliminate the Atlantis hypothesis, which suggests that the underwater city may have powerful technologies buried with it that can affect ships and airplanes. It also brings to question the extraterrestrials and American military base conspiracy theories. It is, however, important to point out that there has been no conclusive evidence explaining the strange occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle.

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