Charlize Theron Hides Body In Baggy Clothes: ‘I Am Very Fat Right Now’

Charlize Theron showed up at amfAR’s Inspiration Gala on Thursday to accept an Inspiration Award for her charity work, but all eyes were on Charlize’s new look at the beginning of the event. While Ms. Theron was looking as stunning as ever in a lacy, black Dior gown topped off with a matching blazer, the over-sized outfit didn’t escape the onlookers, particularly since Charlize usually wears tight fitting gowns. Thursday night’s outfit concealed much of Theron’s form and she must have known the new look was inspiring a good deal of curiosity, because it wasn’t long before the Tully actress remarked on it.

Tully Star Charlize Theron Defends Recent Weight Gain

E! News reveals that the loose-fitting black outfit worn by Theron at the amFAR awards ceremony attracted attention at the start of the event, perhaps more than the Tully actress might have liked. For those familiar with Theron’s recent film project, Tully, the new look isn’t as shocking as it may be to Charlize’s more casual fans.

Ms. Theron gained up to 35 pounds to place Marlo, the mother of three children in Tully. While it still can’t be said that Charlize is obese, the change from her former physique is certainly noticeable.

“Yes, I am very fat right now,” Theron responded, when Chelsea Handler brought up the point of her weight gain.

While the Tully actress was candid and open about her weight gain, her sudden physique change and the ensuing alterations in her fashion sense weren’t even remotely related to Charlize’s purpose for attending the amfAR Inspiration Gala. Ms. Theron was on hand to accept an Inspiration Award for her work through the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, particularly in regard to Theron’s work in HIV and AIDS awareness and research.

Charlize Theron Raises Embarrassing Questions About AIDS Research

Thursday night’s acceptance speech sounded like a continuation of the speech People reports Theron gave only a short time ago at the 2016 International AIDS Conference. At that event, Ms. Theron expressed concern over just how little has been done to combat the AIDS epidemic, especially in Africa, adding that she felt our society was advanced enough, technologically and medically, to have already overcome the epidemic. Charlize urged people to question why the AIDS virus still hasn’t been defeated.

“Could it be because we don’t want to,” Theron asked.

In accepting her Inspiration Award, Charlize again spoke about the epidemic, this time placing emphasis on the stigma surrounding the virus, as well as the stigma surrounding the virus’ victims. Previously, Charlize had spoken about trying to educate and treat those most vulnerable to the HIV virus, drawing attention to young girls and women, the poor, the young, and those within the LGBTQ community.

Now, Charlize Theron admits having forgotten one of the most vulnerable and most stigmatized groups in our society.

“It wasn’t long after I gave this speech talking about how we couldn’t forget the most vulnerable among us that I realized I had forgotten someone,” says Ms. Theron. “I had forgotten to mention sex workers, some of the most stigmatized people in the world and felt terrible. Despite our best intentions, sometimes people are still falling through the cracks and too many are not being seen.”

Charlize added that she believes the key to overcoming disease in the world is to attack poverty across the globe, because the poor and destitute are especially susceptible to attracting diseases like AIDS. Ms. Theron called for “big, bold ideas” to end poverty and discrimination throughout the world.

Professionally, Charlize Theron just completed filming on Fast 8, prior to starting her work on Tully.

Fast 8 is set to hit theaters on April 14, 2017.

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