‘Scalebound’ Allows Gamers To Trick Out And Control Their Dragons — Feature In Xbox One And Microsoft Game Teased By PlatinumGames Founder Hideki Kamiya [Video]

Scalebound, the upcoming Xbox One and Microsoft game centered on dragons and their riders, will have a feature that allows gamers to trick out and control their dragons. It was teased by PlatinumGames founder Hideki Kamiya.

According to an article written by Engadget, Hideki Kamiya first teased the feature of gamers being able to trick out or customize their dragons as well as control them in Scalebound at last year’s Gamescom. Now Kamiya has recently detailed exactly how such a feature will work in the game itself. First, there are three core dragon types that gamers can choose from. The first is “Rex” which is a two-legged, all-rounder dragon seen in most of the trailers released so far. The second is “Tank” that shuffles around on all fours and will most likely be the highest in toughness and strength. Finally, the third is “Wyvern” that is practically an agile dragon in the air. Summarized, one dragon is well-rounded, one has massive strength and power but slow speed and agility, and one has fast speed and agility but limited strength and power.

As gamers explore the massive world of Draconis, there will be gems that can be picked up and spent on their dragon Thuban at designated shrines. Each class has a single track with its strengths and weaknesses. If gamers do not like a certain class, they can “morph” their dragon into one of the two other forms. Pretty much, the customization is so diverse, Hideki Kamiya said it will allow gamers to “be able to create their own play style in a dragon.”

“You’re welcome to go down one path and develop it in that way, but there are all these intermediary sorts of states where you can create your own dragon. That’s really where the fun lies. The customization is so deep that you’re going to be able to create your own play style in a dragon.”

Scalebound, PlatinumGames
"Scalebound" is a game that is similar to the Monster Hunter Series by Capcom or "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" by Bethesda, being developed by PlatinumGames, the same developer responsible for the Bayonetta Series. [Image via Screen Capture of "Scalebound"]

The gems will also change certain details and attributes of dragons from their physical appearance to elemental enhancements. For example, one dragon could have long talons for claws with freezing abilities while another dragon might have a huge horn with electric abilities. The possibilities seem endless. Throw in the next part in which gamers can add armor to their dragons to cover up any of their “weak spots,” they might have. Take note that armor can be destroyed thus exposing weak spots. This was made on purpose as detailed by creative producer of PlatinumGames, Jean Pierre Kellams.

“We want to make a clean distinction. Things that can break are human, and things that are permanent are this kind of organic dragon material.”

Scalebound (Xbox One)
Scalebound, one of the 2016 Xbox One exclusives.

As for the ability for gamers to control dragons, according to a written article by Heavy, it reports that Hideki Kamiya showcased a new, pre-recorded video showing the in-game bond between the dragon Thuban and his human friend and game’s protagonist Drew. One detail shown was the “dragon link” which allows gamers to switch control from Drew to Thuban. When in control of Drew, the camera is in over-the-shoulder third-person view. When Thuban is controlled, it switches to first-person view. This means Thuban isn’t exactly controlled through the eyes of the dragon, but through the eyes of Drew. Take note that while in dragon control mode, Drew is vulnerable. However, switching from Thuban to Drew and back again seems to be easy.

Scalebound is expected to release sometime in 2017, but it is believed it will release during the first or second quarter. Pertaining to consoles, it is exclusive to Xbox One and will run at 1080p. It will also be available for Windows 10 and run at 4K.

[Featured Image by PlatinumGames]