Blac Chyna Shares Shocking SnapChat Showing How Much Weight She’s Gained During Pregnancy

As Blac Chyna’s due date quickly approaches, the mother-to-be has been sharing pregnancy updates via social media. This week, the 28-year-old shared her pregnancy weight in a shocking SnapChat.

The 5-foot-2 Chyna claims to have gained at least 70 pounds “so far,” as if she may gain more between now and her November 16 due date.

Blac Chyna
[Image by Blac Chyna/SnapChat]

Apparently, Chyna has gone from a healthy 120 pounds to almost 200 during the past eight months. Doctors recommend only gaining one to five pounds in the first trimester, according to Baby Center, and about a pound a week for the remaining pregnancy. That’s about four pounds a month, while Chyna has averaged a weight gain of 10 pounds.

Chyna, real name Angela White, shared a photo from her doctor’s appointment this weekend as well, saying she never thought she would be so happy to gain 72 pounds.

While weight gain during pregnancy is inevitable, Blac Chyna has gained way more than doctors recommend. In fact, some are saying Chyna has gained an unhealthy amount. Women with a healthy BMI, which includes pre-pregnancy Blac Chyna, should only gain between 25 and 35 pounds, according to the Institute of Medicine. Chyna gained double the recommended weight within eight months of pregnancy, which is neither healthy for mother or child.

“Putting on too many pounds can lead to health problems for both mom and baby, including a higher risk for C-sections, gestational diabetes, and pre-eclampsia (dangerously high blood pressure). A mom’s weight at the time of birth can also influence her little one’s risks for conditions like diabetes and obesity later in life.”

Chyna posted a photo to Instagram a few months back with the caption “Why should I watch my weight when I’m pregnant,” and the answer is simple: because you’re medically recommended to do so.

It’s great that Chyna is embracing her body during pregnancy, but she is also being watched by thousands of female fans. Female fans who may get the wrong message about what eating during pregnancy is really supposed to be like. It’s not about giving into cravings and gaining an obscene amount of weight, instead it’s about eating healthy for you and your baby.

According to an article on the issue of celeb moms gaining too much weight while pregnant, doctors say a pregnant woman only needs about 250-300 extra calories a day. That amount of calories does not equate to a 70 pound weight gain in eight months. Recently, Chyna posted an Instagram video of her dancing to “Juju On That Beat” that shows just where those 70 pounds have gone.

It’s great for her to be comfortable in her body, but she really is doing a disservice to her fans and unborn child by not watching her weight. In fact, Chyna and Rob Kardashian reportedly spent a whopping $13,000 on ordering takeout and using Postmates in just one month, according to E! News. Chyna said her favorite foods have been Philly cheesesteaks and P.F. Chang’s, neither of which are very healthy options. However, it doesn’t matter how unhealthy or healthy she eats, the fact remains Chyna has gained double the recommended pregnancy weight.

Unfortunately, most of Chyna’s social media followers don’t seem to see an issue with glorifying such a large weight gain during pregnancy. Commenters who pointed out the obvious health risks on Chyna’s Instagram photos were quickly shut down by others claiming she looks “gorgeous” and “you still look fabulous.” Some are even arguing in favor of gaining so much weight during pregnancy.

“My doctors said it wasn’t a healthy amount of weight gain or loss but me and my son are completely healthy so I don’t think there (is) a problem with gaining a lot during pregnancy.”

As a celebrity, Chyna should be working to address these misconceptions, not encourage them. It’s great that Chyna is so happy and looking forward to her baby girl, but her health doesn’t seem to be as big a priority as her appetite.

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]