Earthquake Rocks New England

The US Geological Survey (USGS) has announced that a 4.0 earthquake was felt in New England. The epicenter of the quake was located at Lake Arrowhead, Maine. Lake Arrowhead is located about 92 miles from the greater Boston area. Residents of Boston and surrounding areas felt extended shaking for more than 10 seconds. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick issued a statement saying that there have been no reports of damage or injuries associated with the earthquake.

Gov. Deval Patrick released a statement around 8:45 pm this evening saying:

“Many Massachusetts residents felt the effects of an earthquake tonight. According to MEMA, which is monitoring events and has briefed me, the quake was centered some 30 miles outside of Portland, Maine.

“So far, we have no reports of injury or damage in Massachusetts. MEMA will continue to monitor the situation closely. Residents should use caution if they encounter any damage and take a minute to check in on neighbors, family and friends.”

Several social media sites have seen a ton of chatter coming out of Boston talking about the quake.

Carol Merletti commented on the Huffington Post’s Facebook page:

“I felt it! It scared the heck out of me!”

Darlene Leblanc Luke said:

“I have friends and relatives in Wakefield Amesbury. Groveland. Wakefield. All felt it,”

The last time the Eastern Seaboard felt such a a tremor was when a small Earthquake was felt in Virginia. At the time of that quake, there were people who felt it all the way from Maine to the Carolinas. The east coast tremor damaged the Washington Monument in the capital.