World Of Final Fantasy Adds More Crossovers This Year Starting With Sora From Kingdom Hearts

World of Final Fantasy is going to give fans the chance to play as Sora from Kingdom Hearts through a free downloadable content update coming this winter. The free download is only being made available for a limited time, but an exact release date for the DLC has not yet been announced. Square Enix has stated in the announcement that “further information on how to obtain the Sora champion summon will follow at a later date.”

Sora’s appearance in World of Final Fantasy commemorates the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue in January of next year. Since Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD is part of the 2.8 collection, Sora is fittingly wearing his Dream Drop Distance outfit. The artwork for his Lilikin form has been revealed in the official Twitter post shown above.

Much like Kingdom Hearts, World of Final Fantasy is a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita game designed to be enjoyed by gamers of all ages. The gameplay is described by the publisher as follows.

“Combining classic RPG elements with an all-new stacking active time battle (“ATB”) system, players will lead twin siblings, Reynn and Lann, on their journey through the mysterious world of Grymoire. On a search to rediscover their lost memories, the heroes will encounter over 200 unique and wonderful creatures, known as Mirages, and a whole host of legendary Final Fantasy characters. Players can capture, customize and evolve their Mirages – strategically stacking to defeat even the most ferocious of foes.”

Characters from previous Final Fantasy games, which are referred to as Champions, can be summoned by Reynn and Lann throughout the story and during special quests. These special guests include characters like the Warrior of Light from the original Final Fantasy, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, Squall from Final Fantasy VIII, Tidus from Final Fantasy X, and Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.

World of Final Fantasy Champion Summon Lightning Returns FFXIII
Reynn and Lann encounter Lightning as she appeared in 'Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns.' Image by Square Enix]

Sora is the first character outside of the Final Fantasy franchise to enter the realm of Grimoire, but he is not the only additional crossover character planned. As confirmed on Twitter, the development team has additional collaborations in the works with future content details forthcoming at a later date.

Longtime Final Fantasy fans and newcomers to the series alike can sample the gameplay for themselves with the free demo available for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Finishing the demo unlocks the “Magitek Armor P” Mirage at the coliseum in the full version of the game. Those looking for additional content right out of the box can get the Sephiroth summon, plus the Red Bonnetberry, White Chocobo, and Glow Moogle Mirages as part of the Day One Edition. Also included in the Day One Edition is the Japanese voice-over language option. Standard versions of the game require that this feature can be purchased separately as a DLC add-on.

Curious gamers can also watch the entire cinematic opening for the game (see the video embedded below). The video shows the twin heroes as they appear in the game in both their Jiant and Lilikin forms, but it also features an anime-style battle sequence with many of the game’s Champions. Aoi Mizu, also known by her stage name Mizuki, performs the opening theme song, which is titled “Innocence2.”

What new summons would you like to see in World of Final Fantasy? Do you think Reynn and Lann should return the favor by making an appearance in Kingdom Hearts III? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Square Enix]