Anthony Weiner Cooperating With FBI’s Investigation Into More Emails From Clinton’s Private Server

Anthony Weiner is cooperating with the FBI as election day draws near. Director James Comey’s letter to Congress on Friday rocked the presidential election without explaining in detail what new information the FBI has in their possession and how it relates to the previous investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

On Fox News Sunday, Bret Baier reported that Weiner is cooperating with the FBI and their renewed investigation into more Clinton emails. The FBI secured a warrant on Sunday to access the new emails, and Weiner’s cooperation should expedite the process further.

Comey sent his letter to Congress without the approval from Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. Members of the State Department also strongly advised that sending the letter was against department policy this close to election day. Comey then sent another letter to FBI employees explaining his decision to inform Congress of the development.

Anthony Weiner's Laptop Hurting Clinton Campaign In Final Days
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“Of course, we don’t ordinarily tell Congress about ongoing investigations, but here I feel an obligation to do so given that I testified repeatedly in recent months that our investigation was completed,” Comey wrote.

In July, Comey cleared Clinton of any criminal wrongdoing. The FBI director said the investigation determined that Clinton and her colleagues were “extremely careless” with classified information, but there was no criminal intent with the setup of her private email server. Two months later, a subpoena was issued for Weiner’s electronic devices.

Weiner is currently under investigation by federal authorities in New York and North Carolina for allegedly sending lewd text messages to a 15-year-old girl. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharar issued a subpoena for Weiner’s electronic devices in September and, according to the New York Post, a federal grand jury will decide if they should indict Weiner very soon.

Huma Abedin, a top Clinton advisor and estranged wife of Weiner, used her husband’s laptop to send and receive thousands of emails from Clinton’s private server that were not included in the FBI’s original investigation. She said under oath in a sworn deposition back in June that she turned over all devices used to access the private server.

“I looked for all the devices that may have any of my State Department work on it and returned — returned — gave them to my attorneys for them to review for all relevant documents. And gave them devices and paper,” Abedin said to conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Huma Abedine Used Anthony Weiner's Laptop
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The New York Times reported that Weiner’s laptop was confiscated on October 3. That would mean Abedine misstated in June that she turned over all devices to the FBI used to access emails from Clinton’s private email server.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, it will take “weeks, at a minimum,” to determine if the roughly 650,000 emails found on Weiner’s laptop are related to the FBI’s previous investigation into Clinton’s emails. The emails recovered were reportedly sent and received over a span of several years.

With eight days left until voters head to the polls, the last thing the Clinton campaign wants to talk about is Weiner and more emails. Billy House, a congressional reporter for Bloomberg, tweeted on Sunday that Comey has already started briefings with chairs of committees and top ranking officials on Capitol Hill.

Since Weiner is cooperating with the FBI, who’ve had materials from his laptop in their possession for the last few months, it’s only a matter of time before Comey makes another announcement about the investigation. If the FBI director was willing to create a storm 11 days before a presidential election, one would think he wants more details released as soon as possible.

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