Killer Clowns Purge Night Locations: Lock Your Doors Tonight If You Live In These Cities – Updated Clown Attacks Map [Report]

Will killer clowns take to the streets for purge night or is the threat of these creepy clowns just a hoax? A map showing where the clown attacks may happen on All Hallows’ Eve has people in 16 major cities across the U.S. locking their doors and windows just in case.

Hours before trick-or-treaters go out looking for candy, a rumored pre-Halloween purge night is creating such buzz on social media that it has people panicked that these so-called killer clowns will terrorize residents in the cities listed below.

Find a full list of cities rumored to be part of clown purge night below well as a map of the current clown crimes and sightings


While there are no confirmed reports that the killer clown purge will happen on Sunday night, Chattsports reports that police departments in several cities are asking residents to “stay vigilant” and report suspicious activity immediately.

Which cities are targeted in the killer clown purge?

Here’s a list of the cities and states where the attacks are rumored to be taking place. Whether it’s all just a hoax or people will indeed be out dressed as clowns and behaving badly, it wouldn’t hurt to lock your doors and windows. Better safe than sorry, right?

According to TheBitBag, the following cities are listed as potential targets for the alleged killer clown purge on All Hallows’ Eve:

Atlanta, Georgia; Birmingham, Alabama Chicago, Illinois; Dayton, Ohio Denver, Colorado; Greenville, South Carolina Las Vegas, Nevada; Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and Phillipsburg); Los Angeles, California; and Richmond, Virginia.

In addition to the cities listed above, the following states are said to be under watch for crazy clown attacks on Sunday night with no specific city listed:

Delaware, Florida, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Upstate New York

Scroll to see a map of the most recent clown crimes, sightings, and threats.


Is the clown purge just a hoax or the real deal?

Although there are plenty of people who believe that the crazy clown purge is going to happen, there are other who believe it’s complete nonsense and simply an online hoax that has people freaking people out for no reason.

A post from the now-defunct Facebook group, Clown Hunters, that indicates the purge will happen has been shared by close to half-million people online, sparking a panic by believers nationwide.

“Warning: Clowns are allegedly planning their own purge the night before Halloween,” states the Clown Hunters Facebook post (now removed from Facebook). “Stay inside, keep all pets inside and keep all doors and windows locked.”

“Missing from most versions of the rumor were details about how information on the clown purge was obtained, how the clowns might be organizing among themselves, whether the clown purge threat was localized or widespread, or indication that any credible entity believed such a thing was possible or likely.”

Snopes goes on to say that the killer clown rumor was simply spurred on by “social media panics in specific areas” of the country and although these rumors have “popped up and blanketed specific areas in the past, no outbreak of widespread crime has ever followed them.”

The Clown Hunters Facebook group no longer exists, and it’s not clear if the page was removed by the folks at Facebook or if the people who ran the page decided to shut down on their own amid the clown purge rumors.

Do you believe that the killer clown purge night will happen on October 30 or is this just another social media hoax?

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