Mark Salling Update: ‘Glee’ Star Has More Problems As Woman Charges Him With Rape

Mark Salling, the one-time star of Glee, is up to his eyeballs in legal trouble because of child pornography charges, and now a woman is claiming that he raped her. The LAPD raided Salling’s home and found a great deal of child pornography, and arrested Salling. Then the charges against Salling were increased, and he was indicted in Federal Court. At this time, Salling is out on bail, but has to wear a tracking device and stay away from schools, parks, and other places that children congregate.

Mark Salling’s next court date is November 7th, but during the investigation, it was revealed that the evidence against Salling takes up 100k pages in the evidence logs, says the Inquisitr. In addition to still images, Salling was found to be in possession of videos of children under the age of twelve engaging in sex acts. Salling was dropped from his movie project as soon as he was indicted and is considered box office poison at this time.

Mark Salling, who played bad boy Puck on the hit show Glee, is certainly suggesting that he was typecast. Salling, who is out on bail, has just had a woman accuse him of rape, says TMZ. The woman says that she went in a room with Salling for the purpose of having sex, but changed her mind. The alleged victim claims she said no, but Salling forced himself on her, and she was raped.


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The woman filed charges with the LAPD in April, nearly four years after the alleged rape. Now the Los Angles County D.A. has to make a decision whether or not to officially file charges and pursue the rape case against Salling. The last thing Mark Salling needs right now is another charge against him by another party.

The Daily Mail says that the woman who is accusing Mark Salling, 33, of rape is of age, at 22, though she was 18 at the time of the alleged rape. There is no explanation as to why the alleged victim waited so so long, but it is still within the statute of limitations, so charges could be filed if the D.A. decides to pursue the complaint.

Mark Salling was indicted in May for possession of child pornography. Police seized a laptop, an external hard drive and flash drives, as well as his phone. They all contained photos and videos depicting children, most under age ten in sexual situations. The LAPD had Salling under investigation for months before they entered his home with a battering ram.

Mark Salling has had brushes with the law before the child pornography raid. Roxanne Gorzela said he forced her to have unprotected sex, but later, when she brought the subject up, he pushed her to the ground injuring her knees. After Gorzela filed charges, Mark Salling settled with her reportedly for $2.7 million, and she dropped the sexual battery charges.

Mark Salling has not been arrested on the rape charges, but due to his ankle monitor, police are confident that he will be available for questioning if they need to speak to him. The name of the alleged rape victim has not been released, as victim’s names are kept confidential under rape shield laws.

Mark Salling’s next court date is a week from tomorrow in Federal Court in Los Angeles.

Do you think Mark Salling will be charged with rape? Do you think Salling is going to prison?

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