Bill Maher Gets Birthday Wish, President Barack Obama To Appear On ‘Real Time’

Last January, while celebrating his 60th birthday, Bill Maher made a plea to get President Barack Obama on his show Real Time With Bill Maher. In his video plea to the president, Maher said it was the only thing that he wanted for his birthday and also that his fans deserved it. Now it looks like Obama will fulfill that birthday wish because he has booked an appearance on the hit HBO talk show.

In the nearly year-old video, Maher joked that he was celebrating his 32nd birthday as he turned 60-years old. He said that he really wanted Barack Obama to come on his show as a guest “not just because I’m a true fan, but our large, loyal audience deserved to be treated to a presidential visit, just like other shows.”

“Before he leaves office, I want to get President Obama on this show,” Maher said to applause. “And let’s just say our invitation has gotten lost in the mail for seven years—which would be OK except for the fact that in that time this president has done virtually every other show in the known universe. And I don’t just mean other comedians’ shows and other opinion-givers’ shows. I mean Mr. President you’ve done everything but ultimate fighting and amateur porn.”

Bill Maher is right; President Obama has appeared on many talk shows during his two-term presidency. Some of Obama’s most popular talk show appearances include the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Barack Obama even appeared on the Funny or Die spoof talk show Between Two Ferms with Zack Galifinakis. Despite Maher’s $1 million donation to Obama’s re-election campaign, the current POTUS still has not appeared on his HBO talk show, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Back in January, Maher challenged Barack Obama to book his show before leaving the White House or give him a reason why he would not. Maher even started a White House petition to get the President on his show and urged his viewers to sign it. He was able to amass the 100,000 required signatures within two days. Currently, that petition has over 320,000 signatures, and it seems to have worked because Obama (or his team rather) did respond.

“Herewith, on the occasion of Bill Maher’s 60th birthday, we the people, especially viewers of Real Time with Bill Maher,” the petition reads.

“Respectfully request that President Obama appear on Real Time and thereby honor that particular audience (and their support for him), as he has so honored the viewers of so many other TV shows and media outlets; or if not, to please, respectfully, tell us why.”

“Earlier this year, more than 300,000 of you signed this petition asking President Obama to join Bill Maher on air,” the “We The People” team wrote, “You also signed at an unbelievable rate — with hundreds of thousands of signatures pouring in over the course of just a few days. So today, you — the people who truly wanted to see this happen — are the first to get the big news: Tune in to HBO next Friday, November 4th to see the President’s interview with Bill.”

It was during a clip Bill Maher shared on YouTube that he revealed Barack Obama’s scheduled appearance on the show. It turns out that the current president may not actually come to the HBO studio where Maher films. Instead, Maher went to the White House to record a segment that will air on November 4. We can only imagine what Maher and Obama will talk about when the POTUS finally makes his debut on Real Time with Bill Maher. Naturally, we can expect Obama to stump for Hillary Clinton since that’s what he’s been doing during his last weeks as president.

Will you be tuning in to watch President Barack Obama as a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO on November 4?

[Featured Image by Vince Bucci/Getty Images]