Hillary Clinton Email Investigation: What Is Huma Abedin Hiding? [Updated]

Thea Conrad

Update [6:30 PM EST]: Investigators have found 650,000 email messages on the laptop they confiscated from Anthony Weiner for their "sexting a minor" case. These emails would have remained unbothered if not for FBI director James Comey's decision, upon finding what he called "pertinent information," to reopen the Hillary Clinton email investigation on Friday.

It remains to be discovered just how many of the 650,000 messages will prove to be relevant to the case. The criminality of the content also remains a mystery at this time.

Original story: The Hillary Clinton email investigation has proven to be a huge pain in the rear for the Democrats, and thanks to a decision by disgraced FBI director James Comey, it looks as if their troubles are far from over, which is saying something with just nine days to go before Americans make their final decisions at the polls.

In the wake of the reopening of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, the former First Lady's closest personal aide, Huma Abedin, has gone off the radar. By all accounts, it appears she's in hiding for the time being. This begs the questions of, firstly, why is she hiding? Secondly, what is she hiding?

One of the devices the Feds were reviewing included a laptop Abedin had shared with Weiner when she'd been working in the State Department.

As it turns out, during their search through the laptop, they found more than they'd bargained for, although at this time the FBI have not informed the public of the potentially incriminating content regarding Hillary Clinton emails on Weiner's device.

The problem for Huma? According to The Daily Beast, Abedin testified that she'd surrendered all devices containing pertinent emails to authorities when Clinton's email case was opened the first time around.

"On June 28, 2016, Abedin said under oath in a sworn deposition that she looked for all devices that she thought contained government work on them so the records could be given to the State Department. (These records were subsequently reviewed by the FBI.)"

The Clinton campaign's chairman John Podesta, of the now infamous Podesta emails leaked by WikiLeaks, announced that Huma Abedin would not be fired due to her unwilling involvement in the reopening of the FBI's Hillary Clinton email investigation. Podesta asserts that the longtime aide has been cooperative with the FBI and that Hillary and her staff believe she has nothing to hide.

"'There's nothing that she's done that we think calls into question anything that she's done with respect to this investigation… we fully stand behind her,' Podesta said."

According to the Daily Mail, Huma dispatched her attorneys to meet with the FBI on Sunday, two days after Comey announced his decision to reopen the case. It's a widely held belief that innocent people don't need their lawyers' assistance because lawyers can't do much for those who have nothing to hide.

"And the news that she has sent in the lawyers leaves the Clinton campaign facing disaster after FBI director James Comey announced their discovery had led him to reopen the investigation into Clinton with 11 days until the election."

It's possible, sources say, agents could uncover email messages that were permanently deleted from the Democratic nominee's personal server, making the warrant in question of utmost importance.

Huma insists she has no clue how the messages that warranted a reopening of the investigation ended up on the laptop she shared with Weiner. She also says her lawyers never gave the computer to the FBI because they didn't think it contained potentially incriminating evidence.

The Hillary Clinton email scandal has certainly been a game-changer in this year's election. Huma Abedin says she's done nothing wrong, but her actions during the past couple of days are leading some to believe she's anything but innocent.

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