Anne Hathaway Is Learning To Accept Her Post-Baby Body

Anne Hathaway has revealed her secret to transforming her post-pregnancy body, according to Foods 4 Better Health. The 33-year-old Intern actress, who married actor Adam Shulman in 2012, says the only secret is to not feel shame.

Anne Hathaway, who gave birth to her son Jonathan six months ago, says she is embracing her ever-changing body and is not obsessed with returning to her pre-pregnancy shape. The actress was recently spotted hitting the gym with husband Shulman in Los Angeles.

But Anne Hathaway admits that now that she is a mother, her training program has changed. In fact, the actress has been very open about her post-pregnancy struggles and even admitted publicly that she couldn’t fit into her pre-pregnancy jeans.

But then Anne Hathaway stopped trying to fit into them and forced herself to hit the gym. And then eventually her pre-pregnancy jeans fit once again.

Speaking to People magazine’s reporters at the Toronto International Film Festival, Anne Hathaway admitted that she loves the feeling of working out and she loves feeling strong. But she was quick to add that she is not trying to get her pre-pregnancy body back, instead she is embracing her new body.

“I’m not trying to recapture something that was. I’m going with what it is now. Some things I guess are the same as they were, and other things are a little bit different.”

And apparently Anne Hathaway is “proud” of what she has achieved in the gym so far. And why wouldn’t she? It’s been only half a year since she gave birth to her son, but the actress already looks amazing!

“So, there’s no rush to do anything. I’m so happy being here… I feel like doing burpees now after having a baby is zero big deal.”

A great number of women who want to get pregnant view the weight gain as the end of the world. But Anne Hathaway, who has been through it all, admits that there shouldn’t be any shame in putting on pounds during pregnancy and added that women shouldn’t feel shame when they see that losing that extra weight after pregnancy takes a little longer than expected.

It’s a little surprising to hear a celebrity say that weight gain is not a problem, because in the world of fashion models and glossy covers that remove cellulite using Photoshop, it’s a little wild. But Anne Hathaway feels no shame in embracing her body.

Anne Hathaway even took to Instagram recently and posted a snap of her ripped, cut-off jeans. In the caption, the Devil Wears Prada actress insisted that bodies change, grow and shrink, but that shouldn’t be shameful to anyone.

In her recent film Colossal, Anne Hathaway portrays an alcoholic woman who has to move back to her rural hometown. And while that doesn’t sound bizarre, keep reading. Her character then finds out that if she appears in a certain place at a certain time, a huge grasshopper-looking monster spawns in Seoul, South Korea, and does exactly what she does, according to Gizmodo.

And that’s how Seoul finds itself in great danger because Anne Hathaway’s monster’s movements can destroy the city. It was Nacho Vigalondo’s idea to make this bizarre film happen.

But apart from this absolutely insane concept, the film actually tackles a number of crucial issues such as responsibility, abuse, and addiction.

In the movie, Anne Hathaway stars alongside Jason Sudeikis. In the film’s first exclusive clip, Vigalondo insisted that his film conveys a strong message because in real life “massive destruction and faraway tragedies don’t stop our everyday.”

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