‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ 1.4 Update: Review Of Armor And Weapons Builds For DPS Optimization For Effortless Solo Gameplay

Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.4 update launched last week and with it a new review for strategies regarding solo gameplay. One method is to achieve DPS and armor builds regarding a PvE situation. YouTuber Skill Up provided an in-depth comprehensive commentary in a matter-of-fact presentation that allows for happily flying solo.

DPS And Armor Builds To Accommodate The 1.4 Balance

Some players in The Division have insisted that 1.4 is no different from 1.3 regarding NPC bullet sponges. According to them, there’s still a lengthy amount of time to take down these characters. Also deaths happen just as quickly as it did in the previous patches according to players.

However, there is a strategy to keep this from happening and on top of that, make your agent effortlessly wind through these formerly tough missions. In fact, it is all on how you put together your DPS build as well as armor for a Division agent. The 1.4 update version is well balanced, but you would just need to build your character to accommodate that balance.

The purpose here is to not build for a specified gear set like Firecrest, Alpha, etc., but to garner an understanding of the basic building fundamentals and apply it exclusively to your own build. The goal here is to gain an understanding of a good DPS build while maintaining survivability.

Working On Optimal PvE Stat Distribution

In The Division game, focus on firearms and stamina and totally do away with the skill numbers. First of all, you would need to come up with optimal statistical distribution for your agent when it comes to end-game content.

For firearms, it would be around 4,000 and stamina at 5,000. This would designate armor distribution for three pieces dedicated to each gear piece. Three for stamina and three for firearms. Nothing should be dedicated to electronics.

When it comes to stamina, therein lies toughness stats. So what kind of numbers would you need for this piece of data? Skill Up recommends approximately 300,000. This includes armor stacking which would also include mods and any other slots. That being said, it would take a considerable amount of time for NPCs to take you out.

Best Secondary Stats Rolls

A rather key area for Tom Clancy’s The Division’s 1.4 update is an importance of your secondary stats. This includes the major and minor “attributes” of the gear piece as well as the slots. Consider this, your chest piece, back pack, holster, and knee pads are the gear pieces that support armor. Although you’ll be forgoing DPS in this case, it will be worth the armor investment.

If you acquire armor that doesn’t have the stat on it, it will behoove you to re-calibrate it for armor.

  • Chest Gear – Two major stats rolls for armor and “Damage to Elites”, up to 7-percent for taking out yellow bar NPCs. “Health on Kill” is nice, but that would depend on what kind of build you’re personally going for.
  • Masks – Major stats roll for “Damage to Elites” which can be up to 10-percent. There’s a minor stats roll for up to 9-percent enemy armor damage.
  • Knee Pads – Major stats roll for armor and minor roll for “Enemy Armor Damage” of up to 12-percent.
  • Backpack – Choose armor over “Critical Hit Damage.”
  • Gloves – Important! Focus on weapon damage that corresponds to your weapon type. If not that, then choose “Damage to Elites” for up to 10-percent. “Health on Kill” is also a nice addition.

How To Mod Gear Optimally In The Division

It’s best to mod to hit the right weapons talents. First of all, you can use the core electronics stats that have armor for secondary stats and the same goes for the firearms core as well. So basically you are gear modding secondary stats exclusively to armor.

This set up can allow for great optimal armor mitigation percentage and increases in toughness.

Best DPS Weapons To Shoot For

It would appear the best choices for optimal DPS in The Division 1.4 update are the belt-fed LMG weapons. The M60 offers the best DPS damage, hip fire accuracy, and magazine size.

Other options would include an M249 Bravo or any other LMG as they have size-able magazines and nice rates of fire.

Best Weapons Mods To Acquire For DPS Greatness

The best bang for your buck for doing major damage in The Division game is to aim at head shot damage and critical hit damage. Critical hit chance has been significantly reduced in the 1.4 update and this impacts your critical hit damage.

Headshot damage, however, has not been impacted and it’s on you to take aim at an NPC’s head.

You would need to stack head shot damage at any extent on your weapons mods. Namely your optics and muzzle mods. A nice sized magazine choice is great as well for further firearm throughput.

Since Tom Clancy’s The Division launched there has been a great response in player participation. Some may need getting used to in the 1.4 update as some players were caught off-guard when they initially logged in with adjusted stats. There’s just a certain amount of readjusting and there are resources to locate to help you out.

[Featured Image by Casey Rodgers/AP Images]