The Jolie-Pitt Divorce Updates: Couple’s Former Security Head Dismisses Child Abuse Claims

The Jolie-Pitt divorce saga continues with many people believing that Brad, 52, put the final nail in the coffin when he allegedly had an altercation with their son, Maddox, during a trip aboard their private jet.

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in mid-September citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their split.

After the divorce was filed, many speculated that the Jolie-Pitt tandem came undone because Angelina found out that Brad was cheating on her with his co-star, Marion Cotillard.

Pitt and Cotillard worked together on the film, Allied. Set in World War II, the movie is a romantic thriller about two assassins who fell in love while on a dangerous mission to kill a German officer.

Rumors suggested that Pitt fell for his French co-star, and Jolie became increasingly paranoid that he was cheating on her so she hired a private investigator to see if her husband was indeed having an affair with Cotillard.

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Representatives from Jolie and Pitt denied the allegations and Cotillard denied the rumors as well. She posted a message on her Instagram account saying that she already met the man of her dreams, her current husband and father to her child French actor and director, Guillaume Canet.

Soon enough, the allegations that Pitt cheated on Jolie subsided. Yet, new rumors suggest that the reason why the Jolie-Pitt divorce is happening is not because of infidelity but rather because of Brad’s violent behavior towards their children.

Earlier in October, allegations that Pitt became violent towards one of their kids surfaced when reports said that the FBI were at Jolie’s house to interview her about what happened on their September 14 flight.

According to US Weekly, Pitt was intoxicated while they were aboard their private jet and at one point he became physical with one of their children. The child in question is Maddox Jolie-Pitt but according to other sources, the altercation was more of a verbal sparring than a physical fight.

According to The Sun, the crew of the September 14 flight shared details about the incident, and they said that there was indeed tension between Pitt and eldest son Maddox, but the Fury star did not harm the young boy.

Now another person who used to work for Jolie and Pitt is dismissing the claims that Brad harmed Maddox.

Former security adviser Kris Herzog spoke with The Sun and told them that Pitt could never have hurt Maddox or any of their children all because Jolie would “beat him to death” if he did.

Herzog, a former soldier, worked with Pitt and Jolie before as their head of security, and he said that there was never any indication before that would lead him to think that Brad Pitt is physically abusive.

The only time he saw Jolie and Pitt locking horns was when the latter refused to give up his partying days.

Pitt is famous for living a lavish lifestyle and partying like there’s no tomorrow, and it seems that that kind of life was something Jolie would rather leave behind.

Although, Herzog doesn’t believe that Pitt is capable of hurting his children.

Herzog also said that Jolie would be able to take Pitt on in a real fight if necessary, so there really was no chance that he could have hurt Maddox.

Jolie Pitt divorce saga continues.
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The former security adviser of Brangelina alluded again to Jolie’s tough personality, and he said that she could punch faster and with more accuracy than Pitt and his friend George Clooney combined.

Besides, he didn’t believe that Pitt would resort to that kind of treatment with his kids. Unfortunately, Herzog’s claims won’t stop the Jolie-Pitt divorce from happening no matter how hard he tries.

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