This Bernie Sanders Supporter Thinks Trump Is Going To Beat Hillary In Brexit-esque Fashion

Political analyst and vocal Bernie Sanders supporter H.A. Goodman, who wrote a series of articles eulogizing the Vermont senator throughout the primary campaign, believes the latest twist in FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails could provide enough of a polling surge for Donald Trump to help him beat the Democratic nominee in a Brexit-esque fashion.

On Friday, FBI director James Comey wrote a letter to Congress informing members that the bureau had new “pertinent” leads into Hillary Clinton’s now-closed email investigation. While Comey did not mention how the FBI had recovered these newfound mails, reports suggested that agents had stumbled upon them while investigating Anthony Weiner’s sexting allegations with an underage girl. Huma Abedin, Weiner’s estranged wife and a close Clinton aide, reportedly used the same laptop that Weiner used for his pedophilic fantasies, inadvertently leading FBI agents to discover emails which might not have found their way to agents otherwise.

National polling before the FBI revelations showed Clinton leading Trump by differing but small margins, and the speculations surrounding Clinton’s email investigation now could hit her campaign hard with only days to go before America goes to vote on Election Day.

Bernie Sanders supporter thinks Donald Trump should win the election.
H.A. Goodman contends that a Donald Trump presidency will be less harmful to the long-term future of America than a Clinton presidency. [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Goodman, who advocated why Bernie Sanders was the right choice for progressives over Clinton during the primaries, believes that they should be less worried about Trump getting to power than Clinton. It is a thought which has rarely been echoed in progressive blogs and circles since Bernie Sanders was ousted from the presidential race, but something Trump has tried to address with varying degrees of success over the last three months.

The reasons for this argument is based on a number of factors. Goodman contends that Trump’s critics, who argue that his presidency will implode and destroy the whole system, should rally behind him for the very same reason. Calling Clinton the “embodiment of a corrupt system that leads to endless wars, that leads to financial collapses,” Goodman makes the case for Donald Trump by stating that he would rein in America’s military interventions overseas, effectively meaning that the United States will invest more of its resources into solving its domestic problems.

This would also mean that America has fewer enemies abroad. Goodman further points out that Donald Trump’s less belligerent relationship with Putin would mean that the two countries would not engage in a war over Syria, something of a given if Clinton comes to power.

“He is a less militant candidate, and he is a Republican. And the neo-conservatives hate him because he doesn’t want regime change in Syria,” Goodman says in a video uploaded on his YouTube channel.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally
[Image by Gerald Herbert/AP Images]

Citing a number of polls which show Clinton and Trump going neck and neck days before Election Day, Goodman goes on to argue that swing states like Ohio and Florida could sway the election in Donald Trump’s favor.

Finally, Goodman argues that while Donald Trump is far from being an ideal candidate, progressives must vote for him simply because he is an insurgent candidate who can shake up the system. Arguing that the DNC cheated its own candidate and later shunned the Vermont senator’s supporters, Goodman cites professor Allan Lichtman, who has predicted every U.S. election correctly since 1984, and who has said that Trump would beat Clinton in a Brexit-esque fashion.

Polls before Brexit often concluded that the U.K. would stay with the European Union, as reported by BBC, but the Brexit still happened. This Bernie Sanders supporter thinks something similar is going to happen in the United States presidential election.

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