David Beckham’s Style Inspiration, And Meet The Teen Who Has Already Spent $25,000 On Failed Surgery To Look Like Beckham

David Beckham has revealed the inspiration behind his style, according to the Mirror. The 41-year-old Sexiest Man Alive gushed about his style secrets and even revealed his biggest inspiration when it comes to style.

In his interview with People magazine, David Beckham has revealed that both Steve McQueen and James Dean have always inspired his style because they had the kind of style that is “effortless.” The former football superstar has often been the most fashionably dressed man on red carpet events.

So it looks like David Beckham chases after the simple things in his style to look good because neither McQueen nor Dean have ever worn anything extravagant, extraordinary or bizarre.

“Most of the time it’s just a plain white T-shirt and a pair of jeans, but they make it look good.”

David Beckham also revealed that he actually has the clothes he models for fashion campaigns in his wardrobe and regularly wears them. That’s because the former football superstar realizes that it makes people think that “they are getting a piece of [his] style.”

David Beckham also teaches a few lessons on how to dress like David Beckham, saying that when he goes out for dinner, he wants to “feel smart,” while his everyday style consists of jeans, trainers, T-shirts, boots and vintage boots.

David Beckham is not only the epitome of style but, also to many people, the epitome of the ideal man’s physique. The heartthrob was recently challenged by his friend Guy Ritchie to take part in the viral 22 pushup challenge.

Beckham shared a video, in which he is seen completing the pushup challenge on top of a piano.

A 19-year-old guy from Britain has just spent nearly $25,000 on plastic surgery to look like David Beckham, according to Global News. And it’s fair to say that he has failed.

David Beckham has been named the world’s sexiest man alive by numerous magazines over the past decade, so Jack Johnson’s motivation behind wanting to look like the football superstar doesn’t come as a surprise.

But Johnson went way too war and spent nearly $25,000 on cosmetic surgery to change the appearance of his lips, cheeks, chin, eyebrows, and teeth. The British teen also did a few tanning injections to achieve that David Beckham’s sexy look. Except he didn’t.

And apparently, Johnson realizes that he is far from looking like David Beckham, and that’s why he thinks he needs $38,000 to finalize his Beckham-like look. But the problem is that Johnson is already about $24,000 in debt.

During his interview on ITV’s This Morning earlier this month, Johnson talked about his “transformation” to look like David Beckham. But when host Phil Scofield said it straight that Johnson doesn’t look like Beckham at all, Johnson explained why he wants to look like the former British football star.

“I lost myself inside, it’s alright covering up with makeup or trying to make yourself look better, but inside I didn’t feel nice so David Beckham, I have always loved him.”

Johnson added that he loves the way David Beckham looks and he loves how he carries his personality. But he says that there are still lots of things to do to look like Beckham.

“Obviously I know I don’t look like him, I’m not that stupid. But I have a long way to go to get my goal of looking like him. Easily another 30 grand.”

And for some reason, Johnson is confident that this time he will really look like David Beckham. But Johnson also revealed his plans to get a gastric band, which is silicone device placed in the stomach that restricts the amount of food that can be eaten.

But he was quick to add that doctors have “kicked him out” numerous times when he asked to have the surgery.

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