Calvin Harris Calling Taylor Swift’s Dating Rumors With Drake Her New Showmance: Another Fake PR Stunt?

Calvin Harris is far from convinced that his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift genuinely wants to have a relationship with Drake, a new report has claimed.

Calvin Harris, who dated the singer for a year, has allegedly told close friends that he doesn’t make much of Swift’s move towards the Canadian rapper, for he already knows that the relationship is anything but a potential showmance.

The allegations, made via Hollywood Life, insinuates that Taylor Swift may only be trying to hook up with Drake because of how it would boost her reputation in the music industry. Being linked to Drake has done wonders for the likes of Rihanna, who has enjoyed a lot of chart success, having collaborated on songs with the 30-year-old whom she also happened to date from time to time.

And now that the duo is no longer together, sources allege that Taylor is making her moves. She was famously invited to Drake’s birthday party in Los Angeles this week, where the rapper went as far as to introduce Swift to his mother — a step that somewhat instigates the idea that there’s a romantic bond being built between the two.

As previously revealed, Swift and Drake first exchanged numbers when the Views hitmaker showed up to one of Taylor’s “1989 Tour” concerts. He reportedly enjoyed the show so much that it didn’t take long for the two to get in touch and talk about the possibility of collaborating together.

Having spent an entire year with Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, on the other hand, knows that this isn’t a relationship Taylor would want to commit herself to. The “This Is What You Came For” DJ believes that there could potentially be a romance coming out of their current friendship, but it’s more or less about the publicity than anything else.

“Calvin Harris, [32], isn’t surprised that Taylor, [Swift, 26], and Drake, [30], are friends and he is not jealous one bit,” an insider revealed. “He doesn’t believe the rumors that they are somehow romantically involved.”

“He thinks Drake is crazy talented and can see why Taylor would want to work with him. He knows Taylor too well and he knows Drake, not as well, but they just wouldn’t hit it off as a couple. They would hit it off in the recording studio, but that’s it.”

Taylor Swift has been trying to find time in her hectic schedule to arrange a meeting with the rapper at her studio in Los Angeles, hoping that their studio session could lead to the same kind of success Rihanna has had with the songs she’s done with Drake in the last couple of years.

Taylor Swift is a huge fan of Drake’s music, so the idea of them both collaborating on a song together would make perfect sense.

While Calvin Harris doesn’t believe the rumors that Swift is already dating Drake, insiders reveal that it definitely appears as if it is nearing to some kind of romantic link.

It’s quite the coincidence that Taylor Swift would allegedly want to date Drake right around the time she plans to start working on new music with him, but from what sources have gathered, there will definitely be a song on Swift’s next album that will feature the rapper.

It’s only been three weeks since Drake and Rihanna went their separate ways, Us Weekly confirms, and considering the fact that they always get back together, should Calvin Harris find out that his ex-girlfriend is dating the “Too Good” artist, he doubts the romance will last. After all, to him, it would be nothing more than a PR stunt.

Are you siding with Calvin Harris on this one?

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