WWE Hell In A Cell: Sasha Banks Versus Charlotte Flair Can Steal The Show

A little bit of history will be made during the annual edition of WWE’s Hell in a Cell. Two women, Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair, will enter the cell for the first time ever in the WWE. Banks and Flair will fight for the Women’s title.

Because of how Banks and Flair work inside the ring, the fact that their match is inside the cell is not surprising. It is downright shocking when you consider how the WWE normally conducts their business.

Women WWE superstars are no strangers to cage matches. The most notable women’s cage match was the first ever. On a certain WWE Monday Night Raw in 2003, they had a Raw roulette. The match wound up being Lita versus Victoria.

The website The Richest named it the seventh most brutal WWE diva’s match ever. Their back and forth battle inside the steel cage was highlighted by Lita starting the match with an offensive barrage. Lita versus Victoria would not last long. That is primarily due to Matt Hardy slamming the door of the cage on Lita’s head, but during the time both women were grappling, it was a sight to see.


Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair have some huge shoes to fill at WWE’s Hell in a Cell. The entire card for Hell in a Cell stacks up great to support it.

Not only are Banks and Flair battling each other inside the cell, but there are two other matches that will be fought within the unforgiving structure.

Roman Reigns will defend his United States belt against Rusev. Also, Seth Rollins will seek to get his hands on the Universal title when he faces Kevin Owens.

The WWE considers both matches main events, along with the Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair showdown.


Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair will enter a hellacious structure that few of their male counterparts have performed in. WWE is truly taking a risk by putting anyone inside the cell. Bodies get damaged from the punishment that goes on. They can just ask WWE Monday Night Raw’s general manager Mick Foley.

WWE’s Hell in a Cell has changed careers for the worst. Several WWE superstars come out injured and out for extended periods of time when they participate in arguably what is the WWE’s most brutal match.

Sasha Banks acknowledged the dangers that await her at WWE Hell in a Cell in an interview with Fox Sports. Banks brings up talking to Mick Foley as part of her preparation for the cell.

“I have talked to him [Mick Foley] about the match and he’s just told me how big of a deal this is, especially being the first ever woman being inside Hell in a Cell. It’s never been done, and it hasn’t been done for a reason but I finally think because the women’s revolution just keeps on going and going – it’s finally to a point where you don’t have to say ‘women can only do this, women can only do that.”

Sasha Banks admits that Mick Foley has tried to be protective towards her regarding her match at WWE’s Hell in a Cell.

“He has given me advice for it, but he’s also trying to scare me with it, too, which I don’t need. But he is like… he acts like a dad. He just wants to make sure we’re all good. Anything we need he’s always there for us.”

The buildup for this match has been incredible thus far. It has led to some lofty expectations. Sasha Banks versus Charlotte Flair inside the cell will either not live up to the hype or impress the hell out of everyone who watches.


Both Banks and Flair are excellent mat wrestlers. That should mitigate some of the potential damage the cell will inflict on them. Charlotte Flair has exhibited more of a killer instinct in the ring. It is expected that Flair will be aggressive in the Hell in a Cell match. She will use the steel structure to her advantage every chance she gets.

What makes this match special and what proves that the WWE knows what they are doing is by pitting Charlotte Flair with Sasha Banks is they compliment each other. Sasha Banks brings out the best in Charlotte Flair and vice-versa.

Their versatility inside the squared circle when they are facing one another trumps the majority of the male WWE superstars. The only way for their match at WWE’s Hell in a Cell will falter is if one gets hurt early, or the battle does not end cleanly. Simply put, Sasha Banks versus Charlotte Flair is a match that can steal the night.

Now if only the WWE would make the Sasha Banks versus Charlotte Flair match the final battle of the night. That is what several people want to see, and it would completely legitimize Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair. Forever cementing them in WWE lore.

[Featured Image by WWE.com]