Britannia Awards Presenter Jennifer Lawrence Shares More Than The Stage With Honoree Jodie Foster

The British Academy’s annual Britannia Awards, which took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills this year, gave presenter Jennifer Lawrence the opportunity to share her admiration for legendary actress and filmmaker Jodie Foster. Sharing the stage together, Lawrence was able to express her feelings for Foster in presenting The Silence of the Lambs actress with the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film. Both Jennifer and Jodie shared with the attendees what it has been like to work with each other and Foster revealed a surprising, if dubious, honor that she shares with Ms. Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence Roasts Jodie Foster For The Beaver

People reveals that Jennifer Lawrence graced the stage at the Britannia Awards in an Elie Saab mauve colored gown, looking every bit as stunning as she has ever looked, and even managed to take her place at the podium without tripping or falling over. As Lawrence began to speak, she began by speaking about Jodie Foster, but instead of opening with one of Jodie’s greatest triumphs, Jennifer chose to roast the award winning filmmaker for her involvement in the Mel Gibson flop, The Beaver.

“I was lucky enough to be directed by Jodie in a movie called – wait for it – The Beaver,” deadpanned Lawrence.

The Beaver, which starred Jodie Foster, as well as casting her in the film opposite Mel Gibson, tells the story of a grown man (Gibson) who can only relate to people through a puppet.

“Stanley Kubrick, one of the greatest visionaries of all time once said, ‘If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed,'” Lawrence added.

“But even Stanley Kubrick wouldn’t have the balls to direct a feature film starring a hand puppet!”

Lawrence had her share of laughs with that anecdote, but the chuckles quieted as Jennifer went on to reveal a deep, more reverent respect for Foster, talking about all she learned from Jodie as a rising star. Lawrence says Foster exemplified all that she hoped to become, while not allowing fame to go to her head.

“She broke down barriers, charted a path and proved that Hollywood’s norms aren’t always normal,” Lawrence said. “Jodie, your brilliance and your kindness inspired me years ago when we first met. And your talent and bravery has made a permanent impact on our industry.”

Jodie Foster Accepts Her Award And Welcomes Jennifer Lawrence To An Exclusive Club

When Jodie Foster took the stage to accept her award, bringing much overdue recognition for a lifetime spent delivering the finest films, Entertainment Weekly reveals that she took the stage looking very much like a regal legend in a shimmering Burberry gown. Proving that Lawrence wasn’t the only one with a dry sense of humor, Foster was only to happy to tell a few jokes of her own, starting out by letting Jennifer know she wasn’t Hollywood’s only klutz.

“I am so flattered that she seems to have followed in my footsteps as the clumsiest actress in Hollywood! I’m there to remind her, in fact I’m going to send her the tape of my very first BAFTA win in 1975 and I had made a huge face plant right onto Princess Anne’s shoes,” confessed Foster. “And it was a pre-Internet classic that you must not miss. YouTube!”

Foster went on to explain that, even though she feels honored by receiving the award, she’s happy to just continue making films. Jodie says filmmaking has always been in her blood and that making movies, either as an actress or as a director and producer, was just something she had always dreamed of doing, even as a little girl.

“I get to have this one long conversation about joy and hope and just trying to find the messy truth in things,” Foster concluded. “I make movies. You know, we make movies, which is good hard work and it’s given away with pure love. So thank you all for letting me stick around – and I’m not done yet. Just so you know: I am not done yet!”

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]