Ariel Winter’s Playboy Bunny Halloween Costume Is One Of Her Sexiest Outfits Yet

Someone call the fire department! Ariel Winter’s Halloween costume is smoking hot!

The 18-year-old Modern Family star posted a seductive photo on Instagram Friday dressed as an iconic Playboy bunny. She looks over her shoulder while showing off her backside and bunny tail. Her costume cost a mere $37, according to People, and is making waves all over social media. The black bunny outfit was complete with ears, puffy tail, tights, a bowtie collar, and platform pumps.

The teen added another photo on Saturday with friend Jessie Berg, who seems to be her partner in crime when it comes to dressing scandalously. The girls posed together with Jessie as Hugh Hefner in his signature sailor hat and Ariel as his Playboy bunny. Ariel’s Instagram followers — all 2.6 million of them— were the first to see the young star’s costume and voice their opinions.

Instagram user caramellokuala was only one of hundreds who had nice things to say about Winter’s attire with his comment “You are cute, sexy and natural,” but not everyone had love for the Playboy bunny.

Ariel may only be 18, but she’s seen more than enough haters and body-shaming in her few short years in Hollywood. Instagram commenters called her out, with one saying, “You are so pretty, but quit trying to be older than you are honey,” in one of the tame criticizing remarks. In fact, Ariel is actively battling against body-shaming in her efforts to promote body positivity.

She recently partnered with Dove in its Speak Beautiful campaign to address bullying. Ariel posted a selfie taken in a mirror with words sprawled across it, such as “trashy” and “used to be hot,” this week announcing the partnership. She went on to explain her choice to join the movement in the caption.

“I want to help girls realize that words and other people cannot define your beauty, that’s why I’m partnering with the @Dove Self-Esteem Project.”

Winter has been very vocal in her battle to accept her curves, and credits working with Sofia Vergara on helping her get comfortable in her own skin, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“Working with a curvy beautiful woman that everybody looked up to and loved the way she looked… that was my inspiration to move forward and accept myself because that’s what matters.”

Ariel Winter
[Image by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images]

Ariel also publicly underwent a breast reduction at age 17. She proudly displayed her surgery scars on the red carpet soon after the procedure and also began sharing more risque photos on social media. Just two weeks ago, Winter posted a mature photo on Instagram that shows her leaning over a railing in denim cutoffs. The star’s booty cheeks are obviously the main focus of the image as her shorts don’t quite cover her assets. However, that was only one of several head-turning photos Ariel has posted recently.

She also shared a snap wearing nothing but undergarments, gladiator sandals, and a white wrap two weeks ago. It’s not just Ariel’s outfit that screams “sexy,” but also her pose. This is one 18-year-old who isn’t shy when it comes to baring it for the camera.

Of course, people are pointing out the obvious when it comes to whether Ariel is being a positive or negative role model for young girls. However, Ariel insists she is attempting to be a body-positive role model when it comes to accepting oneself. She made headlines four months ago as she wore a blush-colored, skin-tight dress that showed off ample under-boob to her high school graduation party. The body-hugging dress left little to the imagination and was just one of many controversial outfits the teen has worn recently.

One thing is certain, and that’s the fact Ariel isn’t letting any haters impact how she dresses or feels about her body.

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