‘Stranger Things’ Wall Turned Into ‘Peanuts’ Style Parody In A ‘Stranger Things Christmas’: See The Video

Just when fans thought it couldn’t get more irresistible, a Stranger Things Christmas short has been released, complete with the Peanuts gang and Stranger Things wall humor in classic Charlie Brown style.

The cute Peanuts-style video starts off like A Charlie Brown Christmas, with the Stranger Things theme song playing on the piano as an added touch. Will and Dustin are leaning on the same-looking brick wall seen in A Charlie Brown Christmas. So far, fans are loving this little parody. Stranger Things already had a Christmas vibe to it with the infamous wall made from Christmas lights and a nice holiday ending to wrap up the season.

Fans have Leah Lahav and Oren Mendez to thank for the Stranger Things Peanuts mix that was done perfectly. With fans looking to recreate the Stranger Things wall as a Halloween costume, and Christmas right around the corner, a Stranger Things Christmas was published on YouTube at the perfect time.

Cast of Peanuts, who Stranger Things Christmas pulled inspiration from.
[Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

See the Stranger Things Peanuts style short here, but don’t watch it unless you’ve finished Season 1 of Stranger Things, there are spoilers.

While it may seem like Stranger Things and Peanuts don’t have anything in common, the two come together nicely in this video. Both are stories about kids and have the similar nostalgic feel that fans are really enjoying. Everything was done really well from the outfits to the character’s voices, no detail was left out. Including Eleven’s grunt and the Demogorgon, and even Will coughing up the worm-like thing. The Stranger Things wall was mentioned brilliantly.

The Peanuts-style Will feels depressed after returning from the Upside Down. Dustin tells him he needs to get some psychiatric help, so Will then goes to Eleven who has a lemonade-style stand advertising psychiatric help for 5 cents. Peanuts Eleven grunts a little and has a slight nose bleed, and only offers one answer to his dilemma: Eggos. Will says “good grief” in the usual Charlie Brown-style.

Will is then seen at his home and the Stranger Things wall is still up. He talks to his mom about his feelings, but she just asks if he washed the dishes. He then turns and says “Sometimes I think you just can’t talk to grown-ups unless it’s through light-up letters on the wall.” The Stranger Things wall was a major part of Season 1, with Will communicating with his mother through the lights, so this was a great nod to that iconic scene.

Stranger Things wall featured in Season 1 is made from Christmas lights and painted letters.
[Image by Netflix]

A Stranger Things Christmas is a good parody in Peanuts-style and offers an alternate angle than Stranger Things Season 2 will likely take. Will may not feel like himself, but it’s unlikely that he will feel sad and incomplete after returning from his nightmare in the Upside Down. Some details about Season 2 have been released, but not many, so fans will just have to wait and see how the storyline will progress. Will the Stranger Things wall still play a large part of the season? Will it even be up as it is in the parody? Only time will tell.

One thing is for sure, fans couldn’t be more excited about a second season and this Stranger Things Christmas in the famous Peanuts-style. Creators Lahav and Mendez did a great job with it and it’s soaring in popularity as fans await Stranger Things Season 2. The Stranger Things wall made the list of Halloween costumes for 2016 and many fans are searching for how to make their own Stranger Things wall as they enjoy the Stranger Things Christmas short.

Stranger Things Season 2 filming is starting. The storyline picks up a year later than where things ended on Season 1. Will it leave a lot to speculation or throw fans right into the action and tie up any loose ends? Deadline reports that Stranger Things Season 2 has a 2017 release date, so if you want to brush up on Season 1 and want to see more of the infamous Stranger Things wall (after watching the cute Stranger Things Peanuts parody), you can catch a summary of the entire season here (you’ll also learn the real-life connections Stranger Things has):

Tell us in the comments below: Do you love A Stranger Things Christmas? Or did you think the Stranger ThingsPeanuts mix just didn’t work? Do you think fans will see more of the famous Stranger Things wall in Season 2?

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