Has Kim Kardashian Really Been Dumped By Kanye West After Paris Robbery?

It’s over! Kim Kardashian has been dumped by Kanye West after she experienced a horrific robbery in Paris recently. At least that’s what the latest print issue of In Touch wants you to believe. Gossip Cop summarizes their story.

“The new cover of In Touch hit newsstands on Wednesday blaring, ‘Dumped At Her Lowest Point.’ Inside the magazine, a headline similarly declares, ‘At The Lowest Point In Her Life…Kim Gets Dumped.'”

Kanye West Robbery Is Kanye West really mean enough to dump Kim Kardashian after she was robbed? [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

The summary of the story adds that In Touch presumes Kardashian was dumped only because Kanye West returned to his tour. The tabloid claims that they got in a really bad fight after Kanye added 20 more dates to his Saint Pablo Tour. However, in the same article, Gossip Cop reveals that the story is completely fabricated.

“Kim Kardashian was NOT ‘dumped’ by Kanye West after the robbery, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the report,” says columnist Shari Weiss, adding that sources close to Kardashian reveal that she is completely supportive of West continuing his tour.

This isn’t the first rumor that Kardashian had to deal with in the past couple of days. The Hollywood Gossip summarized an article in the print edition of Life & Style that told its readers Kim is fed up with the Hollywood lifestyle and wants desperately to get out of Los Angeles. Mrs. Kardashian is allegedly moving to Newport Beach. However, Gossip Cop has once again stepped in to put the brakes on another false story.

Kim Kardashian Los Angeles
Would Kim Kardashian really leave the Los Angeles area?[Image by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]

“A so-called ‘insider’ is quoted as saying, ‘Kim has been a nervous wreck and is petrified that thieves are going to break into her home. She’s been complaining that L.A. is full of crazies and the only way she’ll be able to keep her family safe is to leave the city and keep a low profile,'” writes columnist Shari Weiss, adding that after speaking to a Kardashian rep, she can confirm the story is definitely bogus.

Meanwhile, according to TMZ, Kim Kardashian has a lot to say about her critics in a recent 60 Minutes interview.

“Kim Kardashian had a good comeback to the question, ‘What’s your talent?’ It involves a ridiculous amount of money. Kim was featured on ’60 Minutes’ Sunday on a segment about social media, to which she attributes her success. What’s the matter Kim… you forgot the good ol’ days?”

This interview was recorded before her robbery. Despite all the trauma Kardashian is feeling now, the commenters at TMZ barely showed any sympathy.

“She has no talent period. She parlayed a sex tape into a reality show, again no talent. She has the personality of a dying plant,” claims Madhatter.

“Here’s the thing she may have much more money than me, but I have real friends and my children can hold their heads proudly. That is priceless,” says Katy Kat.

However, there has been some sympathy for Kim Kardashian on Twitter.


There have been some in the media who claim that Kim Kardashian brought the robbery upon herself, but others have argued that no matter what Kim has done (nude photos, showing off on Instagram, bragging about expensive jewelry), she doesn’t deserve what happened to her. Some even consider all the hate aimed towards Kardashian as misogynistic since she is criticized for doing things that men wouldn’t even be second guessed for. Do you think Kim Kardashian is being treated unfairly by many on social media and in the press? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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