Taylor Swift, Drake Dating Rumors Continue To Swirl A Week After Infamous Party

Taylor Swift and Drake dating rumors are continuing to dominate the internet a week after reports first connected the musicians.

While neither Taylor Swift nor Drake have confirmed the rumors, that hasn’t stopped social media or gossip websites from attempting to romantically tie together two of the top musicians alive today. Unfortunately for fans, no relationship seems to be on the horizon, Hollywood Life reported on Saturday.

“They both are liking the talk of a potential relationship and will let it continue, but there is no relationship brewing. Drake would love to do music with her as well and that is certainly a possibility. But right now everything between them is friendly. Working together is a definite future option, but that isn’t happening yet either. Regardless, they are eating up the talk about it.”

Hollywood Life isn’t the only media outlet confirming that Taylor Swift and Drake are not dating. Gossip Cop — which ironically calls out Hollywood Life for starting the dating rumors — also debunked the rumors as sources confirmed that Taylor Swift and the “Hotline Bling” singer were only friends.


The rumors began to swirl after Drake — who turned 30 years old last week — celebrated his birthday with a get-together of celebrity friends. Taylor Swift was among those who attended the party, and her presence created conflicting reports following the event.

The New York Post‘s website Page Six started the rumors as an unnamed source suggested that Taylor Swift and Drake were huddled together for a majority of the night, according to the article.

“We’re told after the dinner, Drake joined Swift in her booth, where they ‘were intimately flirting, talking closely and laughing. The only person he spent more time with other than his mom was Taylor,’ the source said.”

TMZ initially denied the allegation. While the website confirmed that Taylor Swift and Drake spent a significant amount of time together, the website offered a different reason for the large amounts of attention.

“Drake gave Taylor Swift the VIP treatment at his 30th birthday bash, including some QT with his mom — normally an early sign of dating — but that’s not the case… this time. Sources connected to Drake tell us he introduced Swift to his mom and several of his homies during the Sunday night party in WeHo. TayTay’s not a regular at Drizzy’s legendary parties… which is why he wanted to make sure she met his inner circle, including Mom. After all, she’s arguably the biggest female music star on the planet.”

Despite multiple articles debunking the claims that Taylor Swift and Drake are dating, fans have continued to imagine a world where the two powerful musicians are a couple. USA Today compiled a sampling of the reaction to the rumors surrounding Taylor Swift and Drake dating.


Count the Huffington Post among the media outlets who would have enjoyed a romantic twist — even just a brief one — between Taylor Swift and Drake. As writer Maxwell Strachan penned in a recent article, not only would the coverage about their relationship have been exciting, but their respective break-up songs would also have been worth a listen, too.

“This is not the celebrity romance 2016 needs, but it’s certainly the celebrity romance 2016 deserves. Let’s take two of the most (unambiguously talented but) attention-seeking celebrities this side of Calabasas, shove them together and watch as they make out like bandits when their respective singles drop and we eat it up like the sheep that we are.”

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