NBA Schedule: New York Knicks Preparing For Conley, Gasol, Drummond, Harden, Wade, Butler

After losing to the reigning NBA champions, the New York Knicks had plenty of time to think about their loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. On Saturday, the team is hosting their home opener against the Memphis Grizzlies, as confirmed by the NBA website. It is the start of a pretty challenging part of the schedule. This is what the Knicks have lined up for the following seven days.

New York Knicks vs. Memphis Grizzlies

Over the summer, Mike Conley became the highest-paid player in the history of the NBA. With that comes higher expectations and a bigger target on his back. Derrick Rose has to use this match-up as fuel to prove that he can still be one of the better players in the National Basketball Association.

In Marc Gasol and Joakim Noah, fans will get to see two of the more versatile centers in the game going against one another. Both players are excellent passers, so expect to see a lot of back door cuts. Gasol has been instructed by the Memphis Grizzlies coaching staff to start shooting more three-point shots.

Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis need to have big games to score their first victory of the regular season.

Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond

New York Knicks vs. Detroit Pistons

On Tuesday, the New York Knicks will travel to Michigan to take on the Detroit Pistons. That should be a pretty tough match-up because Andre Drummond is one of the top centers in the NBA. Boxing him out should be the top priority for Kristaps Porzingis and Joakim Noah. This is another game where Carmelo Anthony has a chance to be dominant.

New York Knicks vs. Houston Rockets

James Harden and the Houston Rockets head to Madison Square Garden on Wednesday to face the New York Knicks. Derrick Rose and Courtney Lee should have their hands full that evening because Harden has become even more dangerous of a threat with the balls in his hands more frequently.

If he wanted to build up some hype for himself and his team, this is where Carmelo Anthony tries to keep up with the offensive production that James Harden will try to put up for the Houston Rockets. A shootout is a great way to get the word out that Anthony is still an elite player in the NBA.

Ryan Anderson is not particularly a strong defender, so Kristaps Porzingis should see some pretty good looks. On the flip side, the Latvian sophomore needs to use his 7-foot-3 frame to prevent Anderson from effectively spreading the floor. This game might actually be a good time for the New York Knicks to have Porzingis trying out some of the new low post moves that he had been working on during the summer.

Chicago Bulls guard Rajon Rondo

New York Knicks vs. Chicago Bulls

On Friday, the New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls have a nationally televised game at the United Center. Lots of star power in this game. Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis, and Joakim Noah should be able to put on quite a show.

Look for Jimmy Butler to possibly defer on offense so that he can focus on shutting down Carmelo Anthony. That would send a statement to the rest of the NBA.

If Wade does not show the shooting touch that was displayed during their season opener, then Porzingis and Noah can sink into the paint and make it a long night for the Bulls offense. Coming into the season, one of the major concerns for the Chicago Bulls was that they did not have enough outside shooting, so that will make it easier on the defense to stop their dribble penetrations.

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