'Paranormal Lockdown: Black Monk House' Halloween Special: Interview With Nick Groff And Katrina Weidman On Scariest Episode Yet

Paranormal Lockdown fans probably already know about the upcoming Halloween episode in the notorious Black Monk House. But what they may not expect in the upcoming two-hour special is the revelation that the series stars, including Nick Groff of Ghost Adventures/Ghosts of Shepherdstown, and Katrina Weidman of Paranormal State, will be flashing back to one of the locations they investigated in the first season of Paranormal Lockdown. In an interview on location for Paranormal Lockdown Season 2, the paranormal duo revealed what viewers can expect during the Halloween special Monday night. Suffice it to say, they are upping the ante to a whole new level.

Mild spoilers follow for the Paranormal Lockdown: Black Monk House Halloween special and one of the locations for Season 2.

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For those who watched Paranormal Lockdown last season, you might remember that the Hinsdale House investigation was particularly disturbing and made quite an impact on Groff. Most fans of the show felt it was the scariest episode of their rookie season, but after viewing a press screening of the Halloween episode and chatting with Nick and Katrina, the paranormal activity and the entity or spirits from Hinsdale are just getting started. Not only will the Paranormal Lockdown: Black Monk House special feature an investigation where Groff and Weidman spend 100 hours locked down in Black Monk House — one of the most notorious locations in the world for violent poltergeist activity — but fans of the show will get to see that sometimes paranormal investigators take their work home with them, whether they want to or not.

In other words, Paranormal Lockdown fans brace yourself for some serious paranormal scares after trick-or-treating on Halloween. These ghosts (or demons?) aren't playing.

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Groff talked about some of the phenomena happening after Hinsdale House during an interview at the equally notorious Waverly Hills sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. He and Weidman had just wrapped their 72 hours for a Paranormal Lockdown Season 2 episode, and Nick was going to be a guest for Waverly's haunted attraction opening weekend. Teaser: for paranormal fans who have seen other investigations of Waverly, you get one guess on which insane location Groff sleeps in this time. That blood-stained suicide mattress in Paranormal Lockdown Season 1 is going to look pretty tame after this.

Paranormal Lockdown Black Monk House Halloween Special
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So why the Halloween special and what does Groff say Paranormal Lockdown fans can expect?

"It's so hard to describe the special because it wasn't just the location. There's a huge scope of everything that's been happening to Katrina and I since we've left the Hinsdale House. It starts like that, so this is probably the most personal documented thing I've ever done in my life... there's no holds barred. If we are going to be an open book, and we're going to describe things that are happening — we have stuff we that we captured in our own homes that I've never seen. My wife is actually terrified. She's been with me since we were kids and we've had a couple things happen here and there over 20 years, but nothing like this. It's been really, really strong and powerful. It really shook us up."
Paranormal investigators are well-versed in taking precautions to protect themselves when they come into contact with possible negative energy or negative entities. Groff has his own way of dealing with protection, but for some reason it didn't seem to work after Hinsdale House.
"I never got too superstitious on things. I believe when you close that door, you close that door spiritually. But that didn't work for me. So I did sage in my house because I was like, all right, this is getting out of control. I tried sage and it worked and it actually brought it down a little bit, but then it kicked back up... Energy is so weird at this one location in Hinsdale House. There's something so strong there that has this power. Something was drawing me to go different places. This thing, whatever it is, it knows everything about me."
Groff says he is still researching Hinsdale House with the owner, and they're finding out a lot more information neither knew before the Paranormal Lockdown investigation there. It has become a bit of an obsession, by his own words. They think the energy there may be related to deaths on the property going back to Native Americans and the Puritans. From the sounds of it, there may be more Hinsdale House investigations in the future, because despite all the problems, Groff says he would definitely return there.

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Nick Groff at Waverly Hills in Louisville, Kentucky. [Image by Diana Price]

As for Season 2 of Paranormal Lockdown, fans will have to wait a bit for that but with good reason. This time around there will be a longer season, and Groff and Weidman will be filming the rest of the year as they need breaks between locations. While helping humans — alive and deceased — is one of the main goals, Weidman also wants to address the bigger picture of paranormal investigations and the paranormal field in general. And like Groff, Weidman sees the future of the field going beyond "ghosts" and labeling things "good" and "bad." That came into play during the Paranormal Lockdown investigation of Waverly Hills. This was Katrina's first time there, and all the stories from other paranormal investigators portrayed it as one of those "bad" places, but she approached this investigation with an open mind.

"As we get closer to understanding what some of these things are, we're making ourselves more vulnerable, so we kind of up the ante for ourselves. Like okay, let me face my fears a little bit more... I think it's because Nick and I are stubborn. We don't want to let a legend get the best of us, or let a building get the best of us. At the end of the day, I always come back to, 'You know what Katrina, you don't know what this is, so even though everyone says it's bad, maybe it's not bad. Maybe it's just misunderstood.' I always go back to that... So even when you're scared, just do it and see what happens. Because maybe you'll understand something a little bit better. "

While Weidman certainly respects the value of listening to her instincts, she also wants to go beyond intuition to something a little more concrete in the paranormal investigation field. Weidman dished on some of the things the pair are trying this time around, including a slew of new tech gear and gadgets to help with paranormal investigations.

"We're pushing ourselves more... we have a whole new bag of tricks this year. I think sometimes people get angry and they'll be like, 'Well that doesn't prove ghosts exist,' but the field is improving. What we try to do is research, and as researchers we experiment. And we have these things out there today and we're going to use them to see what kind of results they get."
And how much success have Groff and Weidman had so far this season filming Paranormal Lockdown with all of their new gear? Weidman notes that paranormal investigations can get very boring and don't always yield great results, but fortunately for Paranormal Lockdown fans, that doesn't sound like it will be a problem for Season 2.
"You don't always come out with amazing evidence. I mean, we've been very lucky, especially this season. We have some of the best evidence I've ever seen in my 10 years of doing this."
Sounds like some of that gear and the new locations are working out pretty well for Groff and Weidman. Paranormal Lockdown is still filming Season 2, but you can catch their two-hour episode, Paranormal Lockdown: Black Monk House, on TLC Halloween night at 9 p.m. ET. If you miss it because of trick-or-treating, catch an encore on TLC's sister channel, Destination America, at 11 p.m.

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