Theo James Glad Shailene Woodley And Nahko Bear Are Going Strong At Standing Rock After Getting Arrested

Theo James spent a good chunk of time with Shailene Woodley filming the Divergent trilogy. There is a good chance that the English actor is glad that his co-star is doing even more good work at Standing Rock, making sure that the Dakota Access Pipeline does not happen. Having Nahko Bear, Shailene’s long-standing boyfriend, by her side probably makes Theo a little relieved to be free from dating rumors.

Divergent fans have always known that Shailene Woodley was a socially conscious young woman, but they probably did not expect her to get arrested for standing up with native American people to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

“I was arrested on Oct. 10, on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a holiday where America is meant to celebrate the indigenous people of North America,” the actress wrote for Time. “I was in North Dakota, standing in solidarity, side-by-side with a group of over 200 water protectors, people who are fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline.”

She continued, “I was in North Dakota, standing side by side with Native Americans. You know, those who were here before us. Well, guess what, America? They’re still here. And they are still fighting the good fight. A fight that serves each and every one of us.”

She is still there with her rumored boyfriend, Nahko Bear, making sure that she witnesses and reports the events that are happening live on the matter of Dakota Access Pipeline.

which wolf will you feed? #NoDAPL @nahkobear

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Even after getting arrested, Shailene has been consistently posting pictures on her Instagram account to make sure that her fans and other Hollywood industry people are aware of the injustice that is happening at Standing Rock.

“[O]ne day, baby, we’ll sing our poetry. the words dripping from our tongues wet with ripened patience. and the lyrics, the sweet fruits born from the seeds our aging hands are now sowing. #alwaysinallways #heartforward #uptous #NoDAPL #protectcleanwater #iamonyourside,” she wrote as a caption in one of her Instagram posts.

The Divergent actress may only be 24-years-old, but she has taken a keen interest in social issues. In the beginning of the presidential race, she showed immense support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. She campaigned for him throughout California and made sure that her fans knew about the kind of policies that he was in support of.

As for Theo James, he has not been hitting the headlines with his extreme political actions, but he did do his part by making sure that his fans are aware of the refugee crisis that is shaking the Middle East and Europe.

Theo James travelled to Greece on his first visit with UNHCR ahead of World Refugee Day,” reports UNHCR. “Theo has a very personal story that connects him to the refugee situation. His grandfather, Dr. Nicholas Taptiklis, fled Greece during the Second World War, making his way by boat and then overland through Turkey to Damascus, Syria.”

“The mission with UNHCR felt deeply personal but more importantly it was eye-opening,” he said in the interview. “We are all aware of how complex and politically charged the refugee crisis is. But to meet these families, these fathers and mothers struggling in the midst of one of the greatest humanitarian crises since the Second World War, was beyond anything I had expected. These are people like you and me fleeing their country out of total necessity.”

The 31-year-old British actor is half Greek himself, which made the issue closer to him. Like Shailene Woodley, he is also using his celebrity status and fame to raise awareness.

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