‘Outlander’ Season 3 Spoilers: Sam Heughan Teases Jamie And Claire’s Reunion

Warning: This article may contain Outlander Season 3 spoilers.

Outlander fans have been suffering through an especially painful “Droughtlander” since the second season of the hit Starz series ended with the gut-wrenching separation of Jamie and Claire four months ago.

However, Outlander Season 3 is currently filming in Scotland, and series star Sam Heughan (Jamie) recently spoke with Vanity Fair about the upcoming season. Among the mild spoilers the Scottish actor revealed are hints that Jamie will be aging during the new season, which should come as no surprise to readers of Voyager, the third book of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series.

“I mean, I’m probably not allowed to say much, but I think we all know that the books do span a great amount of time. Season 3, in particular, yeah, I mean, there was an aging process. There was definitely a different look to the characters, but you’ll have to tune in to find out, I guess. But even in Season 1, I had hours and hours of prosthetic makeup whenever the back scarring was on or Jamie got shot or injured. By no means does that stop in Season 3, so, yes, there’s been a lot of very long days where I’ve been in makeup.”

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Heughan also talked about having to film much of Outlander Season 3 without his co-star, Caitriona Balfe (Claire). Fans of the show remember that Season 2 ended with Claire heading back through the stones at Craigh na Dun to her life in the 1940s with Frank, while Jamie prepared for the doomed Battle of Culledon. In a flash forward, Claire discovers Jamie somehow survived the bloody skirmish, but she went for years believing he was dead.

“Honestly, it’s like having a death in the family. Well, I don’t know, I mean, it’s just like a different show. It’s hard to separate yourself from the character. Jamie’s present, living in his world, and Claire’s present and living her world, and they both believe the other is dead. It’s always hard when we’re apart, actually, because she’s a great person, great to come to work with, and a very good actress. But I think it all adds to the reunion — if there’s a reunion, or when there’s a reunion — well, you know there’s one in the books. It should be very special.”

The actor also talked about how he and Balfe read the Outlander books and try to add extra details to scenes for fans when they can.

“There’s always going to be little details that will be missed because the show is only an hour-long episode each week,” Heughan explains. “I know myself and Caitriona, we read the books and if we can sneak in a small detail that may not be in the script or even just that we know ourselves, that going from one scene to another, that something’s happened in between that maybe we haven’t been able to show, but at least we know it and, hopefully, in some way it manifests itself.”


Speaking of the Outlander books, an extended excerpt of Gabaldon’s ninth book, Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone, will be included in a special Blu-ray edition of Season 2, due for release on Nov. 1. The collectible box set will also feature a 32-page book with behind-the-scenes photos and sketches and 20 minutes of bonus footage.

To tide fans over, Entertainment Weekly obtained a small preview of the excerpt. In the sneak peek, Jamie and Claire discuss the night their baby Faith — who was stillborn — was conceived.

“…the night we made Faith.”

I lifted my head in surprise.

“You know when she was conceived? I don’t know that.”

He ran his hand slowly down my back, fingers pausing to rub circles in the small of it. If I’d been a cat, I would have waved my tail gently under his nose.

“Aye, well, I supposed I could be wrong, but I’ve always thought it was the night I came to your bed at the Abbey.”

For a moment, I groped among my memories. That time at the Abbey of Ste. Anne, when he’d come so close to a self-chosen death, was one I seldom revisited. It was a terrifying time of fear and confusion, despair and desperation. And yet when I did look back, I found a handful of vivid images, standing out like the illuminated letters on a page of ancient Latin.

Father Anselm’s face, pale in candlelight, his eyes warm with compassion and then the growing glow of wonder as he heard my confession. The abbot’s hands, touching Jamie’s forehead, eyes, lips and palms, delicate as a hummingbird’s touch, anointing his dying nephew with the holy chrism of Extreme Unction. The quiet of the darkened chapel where I had prayed for his life, and heard my prayer answered.

What do you think of the latest Outlander Season 3 spoilers? How long do you think Jamie and Claire will be separated in the upcoming season?

Outlander Season 3 returns to Starz in 2017.

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