Black Democrat And Sanders Supporter Says Donald Trump Could Get 25 Percent Of The African-American Vote [Video]

Chicago attorney Brunell Donald-Kyei, a former Bernie Sanders supporter and Barack Obama voter, believes that Donald Trump’s economic message is resonating in American’s urban centers and elsewhere as well.

Donald-Kyei is now the vice chair of the Trump campaign’s diversity outreach coalition and has been making media appearances on behalf of the Republican presidential nominee during the campaign season. The lifelong Democrat who once ran for Illinois lieutenant governor explained in a previous interview that “I was a Bernie Sanders girl. Once… I saw how we were treated at the Democratic National Convention, I knew that I would not vote for Hillary Clinton, and the Trump Train just kept calling my name.”

During a panel discussion on Special Report with Bret Baier on the Fox News Channel which occurred a few days before the bombshell news broke about the FBI reopening the Hillary Clinton email investigation, Brunell Donald-Kyei pushed back on polling results suggesting that the New York real estate mogul and first-time candidate would receive just five percent of the black vote on Election Day, November 8 (or earlier in those states where early voting has already commenced or will commence).

The African-American demographic generally votes overwhelmingly for the Democrat ticket in most elections, in the range of about 90 percent.

Brunell Donald-Kyei claimed that negative feedback takes place if a black person publicly admits to favoring Trump, who she described as a change agent who will bring job creation to poor people and the middle class as well as secure the border.

“So what I suspect is going to happen is on November 8th, black people who have been quiet and afraid to speak up are going to speak up louder than ever in that voting booth on November 8th. They’re going to vote Trump, and then they may vote for Democrats straight down the ticket. But there are a lot of black people who are contacting me. They are afraid to speak up, but you’ll definitely see on November 8th that it is greater than 6%. More like 16% to 25% black vote.”

Trump supporter Brunell Donald-Kyei continued her remarks on Special Report which run counter to conventional Beltway wisdom.

“…We know that [Trump] is not part of the corruption that we are seeing in our government. Even with our media he is not part of the corruption. And so America is going to speak loud and clear. Whites, blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, Chinese, we’re going to speak loud and clear that we are tired of the corruption and we’re with Donald Trump. We want to drain the swamp that’s going on in Washington, D.C…the American people don’t want to be dealing with a presidential person going into office with all the baggage, with all the investigations that are going to be on top of Hillary Clinton. “

Separately, in response to documentary filmmaker Michael Moore’s claim that Trump voters are legal terrorists, Donald-Kyei responded that “anyone that votes for Hillary Clinton is aiding and abetting a felon,” Fox News Insider reported.

Even a relatively modest uptick in the black vote could mean a landslide victory for Donald Trump.

A Survey USA poll taken in September 2015 suggested that Donald Trump could indeed win 25 percent of the African-American vote, assuming the data is accurate.

Earlier this month, Tezlyn Figaro, a military veteran who was the former national justice director for Senator Bernie Sanders, took strong exception to remarks by Hillary Clinton dissing Bernie-supporting millennials as supposedly living in their parents’ basement.

Do you think that Donald Trump will overperform in minority areas on Election Day or do about the same as prior GOP presidential candidates?

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