WWE Rumors: Ric Flair Reveals Why Ultimate Warrior Was His Worst Opponent

Throughout his long and illustrious career, Ric Flair has been in the ring with hundreds, maybe thousands, of opponents. The Nature Boy revealed that the opponent in his two worst matches ever was the Ultimate Warrior, as reported by Wrestling Inc.

Ric Flair said the worst match that he has ever had was the one where he wrestled the Ultimate Warrior in Phoenix. The former world heavyweight champion did not reveal the date of the match, but it sounded like a house show. During the match, Warrior dropped Flair on his head. Upon returning backstage, veteran producer Pat Patterson even told Flair how bad it was. A couple of nights later, Flair and Warrior worked a match again. Flair considers this his second worst match ever.

Ric Flair compared the Ultimate Warrior to Jimmy Valiant, a performer who was noticeably sloppy in the ring because of his hectic style of wrestling. Warrior also wrestled at a frantic pace to go along with his high-energy character.


As anyone who followed his career closely knows, Ric Flair has been able to put on tremendous matches with so many different types of performers. Ricky Steamboat and Shawn Michaels are high flyers who loved to utilized ring psychology. Flair put on classic performances with both of them. He was also able to put on memorable matches with muscular performers like Sting and Lex Luger.

While Ric Flair is known as one of the best in the business when it comes to selling for opponents, the Ultimate Warrior basically was only compatible with performers who could sell a lot of moves in a short period of time. His style was more entertaining when utilized against local performers than it was against a classic mat technician.

Some may consider this as a jab from Ric Flair towards the Ultimate Warrior. However, it could simply just be a case where Flair was just saying that Warrior was not a good fit with his style.

WWE legend Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior [Image by WWE]

Another interesting tidbit from the interview was the fact that Ric Flair stated the injury he suffered when he was dropped on his head by the Ultimate Warrior caused him to have a really bad match against Bret Hart on the night that he won the WWE Heavyweight Championship for the very first time. Flair stated that he had trouble with balance and standing up because of the injury.

Ric Flair was apologetic about the situation because he felt that he had owed it to Bret Hart to give him a great match during one of the biggest moments of his career. Over the years, Hart has made comments about Flair, saying that he was not nearly as good as he claimed to be. That could lead some to speculate there is a bit of animosity from Hart towards Flair because of the quality of that career-changing match.

WWE legend Bret Hart
Bret Hart [Image by WWE]

There may be a response from Bret Hart, as the WWE Hall of Fame performer has been a bit more vocal on the internet lately. He recently made headlines when he flat-out stated that Seth Rollins was a bit careless in the ring, as reported by Wrestling Inc. Hart blamed Rollins for putting Finn Balor on the sidelines. Hart also was concerned that Rollins broke John Cena’s nose with a flying knee he referred to as sloppy.

Pro wrestling fans have long stated that Ric Flair was one of those rare performers who could put on a good match with a broom. The fact that he was not able to do that with the Ultimate Warrior makes this interview a bit more interesting than normal.

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