WWE Opinion: It Would Be A Travesty If Sasha Banks And Charlotte Did Not Main Event ‘WWE Hell In A Cell’

WWE is making history on Sunday at WWE Hell in a Cell by having Charlotte and Sasha Banks compete inside the cell, but for some reason, WWE management is struggling with the idea of if they should main event the show. Obviously when you look at the WWE landscape right now, especially for WWE RAW, the only rivalry worth paying attention to is Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks. They are leading the conversation when you talk about WWE RAW and their current material.

Both Flair and Banks have been killing it all year when wrestling each other. Both of their WWE RAW matches where they fought over the WWE Women’s Championship were very good. Then when you add in WWE SummerSlam when Charlotte almost broke Sasha’s back, it makes a trifecta of great material. Now we’re putting the two best female wrestlers of this generation in a match with each other inside Hell in a Cell, a structure so vile that many men have tried to avoid it.

Both Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair are going to hurt each other in this match, and it is pretty much assured that the two are going to go all out to give an amazing match that is worthy of Hell in a Cell. There is some worry there, but it also means they’re going to make sure no one can follow them after their amazing performance.

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That said, why make anyone follow them? Flair and Banks are going to give a main event worthy performance. There is no such thing as a “triple main event” either. Only one match can go on last and THAT is the main event. The other matches are just openers for it. This is also huge for WWE. There will never be another first women’s Hell in a Cell match either.

You can always have the girls main event another show, sure. However, what match could they do it in that would be bigger than this one? On top of this, we’re in the month of October. While breast cancer can and has affected men, this is a month when we speak out about Breast Cancer Awareness regarding women. It is really a female month across media, so what better time than now to have the ladies main event a main roster show? In fact, at one point RAW GM Mick Foley said the ladies were the main event on Facebook before having to retract the statement due to WWE’s “triple main event” stupidity.

That said, WWE already gave us Charlotte and Sasha in the main event of WWE RAW this month. The two were awesome in the spot and most felt it was a test to see how they would perform when given such a role. They exceeded expectations and gave us an ending to RAW that fans truly loved. It was big for both Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair to have a spot only the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita had previously in the female division.

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The WWE Diva generation may have never been worthy of the main event of a main roster PPV, but this generation of women has proven that they are. WWE now calls the women “Female WWE Superstars.” They are no longer Divas or just an addition to the show, they are part of it as much as the men and give us match quality equal or better than them.

The Hell in a Cell match was easy to give to them because both Sasha and Charlotte deserve the match. They deserve to make history and they deserve to main event this show. For some reason, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and other management members do not feel they should according to reports. Even today, we’re still hearing that management is struggling with what to put on last for the show. They’re even trying to give the show a triple main event feel so that people won’t be upset with what goes on last.

However, fans are not stupid. We know the last match is the true main event. There is only one “main” event, and both Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks have more than proven they deserve the spot with their match quality to this point. Yes, other matches on the show such as the WWE Universal Title match with Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens as well as the WWE United States Title match with Roman Reigns and Rusev are big matches that will hopefully be great matches.

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We’re in Boston, Massachusetts for WWE Hell in a Cell, though. Not only is this WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks’ hometown, but this is what we call a “mark” crowd, meaning it is full of hardcore wrestling fans. They will want to see the women go on last, especially their hometown girl. In other words, the crowd would be ticked off if the women were not last. Most of the world would be mad too.

It would be an absolute travesty if they did not come out last, mainly because they more than deserve the spot and there is no better time to pull the trigger on them than now. We’re in October, it is the first female Hell in a Cell match, and you have the two best female wrestlers of this generation to work with. Plus you’re marketing the show with the women on the poster. What more do you truly need for them to end the show, WWE?

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