Travie McCoy Trash Talks Ex Katy Perry, Blames Split On Drugs And Her Career

Travie McCoy didn’t hold any punches back for ex Katy Perry during a Behind The Music TV special that aired over the weekend. The Gym Class Heroes singer admits that his two year on-again-off-again relationship with the pop singer suffered over his drug use and her skyrocketing career.

However, that doesn’t mean McCoy is ready to take the blame over the relationship crumbling. In fact, the “Billionaire” singer hints that it was Perry’s direct success that may have lead to his drug use and made his own insecurities spiral out of control. “She wasn’t stupid … She knew when I was f**ked up. I chose drugs over our relationship … As things started taking off for her the more I started to doubt my role in her life. There were times I felt like a stepping ladder.”

What’s worse is that McCoy recalls how they came to their inevitable end. According to Travie, it was Katy who ended their relationship through a hurtful e-mail. McCoy recalled during the special, “’It started off with ‘I love you so much I hate to do this…’ Someone that you are ready to spend the rest of your life with sends you a f**king email just s**ting on your whole parade. It destroyed me.” On her 2010 album Teenage Dream, Perry penned a song for Travie McCoy about his addiction titled “Circle The Drain.”

After their 2009, split Perry went on to receive a bevy of number one hits, but perhaps riding the wave of a successful career does have its drawbacks. Although Katy went on to marry comedian Russell Brand, he filed for divorce months later. The tumultuous relationship is documented in Perry’s Part of Me film, which shows the singer embarking on a world tour that kept her away from Brand for the majority of the year that they were married.

Currently Katy Perry is dating singer-songwriter John Mayer.