Susan Walls: On 'Snapped' Wife, Daughter Had Alleged Abusive Dad, Larry Walls, Murdered In Unionville, Tennessee, Home

Susan Walls and her daughter, Dawn, had Larry Walls killed in his home in Unionville, four years ago. This Sunday, Oxygen's gripping TV crime series will air the story on Snapped. Authorities say that Susan Walls, along with her daughter, Dawn Walls, hired some friends to do the killing. The murder was supposed to be disguised as a robbery or a home invasion, but investigators later found out the truth. It is believed Susan Jo Walls killed Larry Walls because he allegedly abused family members both sexually and physically. Appearing on Snapped is David Veile, the criminal defense attorney; Nitasha Groves, a friend of Susan Walls; Mike Randles, the assistant district attorney general; Richard Cawley, assistant district attorney; Russ Winkler, TBI special agent; and Brian Mosely, a journalist with the Shelbyville Times Gazette.

If the name Shelbyville sounds familiar, it is because the Inquisitr recently profiled the disappearance case of teacher and mother Shelley Mook, who disappeared from there in 2011. Shelbyville, Tennessee, is about 18 minutes from Unionville, where Snapped's crime story takes place.

It started with a bizarre 911 call in August 2012, according to Snapped's coverage. That's when Susan Walls contacted authorities about a so-called home theft that had occurred at the home. However, when investigators arrived at 524 Enon Church Road, they found the dead body of Larry Walls Sr., lying on the messy bedroom floor. Blood spatter lined the walls, and blankets and other items were strewn about the home. Court records found at Court Listener describe the scene this way.

"Upon arrival at the residence at approximately 2:53 p.m., Bedford County Deputy Sherriff Tim Fox met the Defendant and Dawn in the driveway and learned that the victim had been found brutally murdered inside the home. Upon entering the residence, the kitchen had 'been ransacked a little bit[,]' according to Deputy Fox. Deputy Fox made his way to the couple‟s bedroom where he found the victim with 'his shirt off and his hands up in a defensive position[.]' Deputy Fox described the scene as 'pretty gruesome' due to the amount of blood on the body, walls, floor, and furniture in the room."
Susan Walls and her daughter, Dawn Walls, had told 911 dispatchers that they had been to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate the birthday of one of Dawn's children. When they returned, they found the house in complete disarray. There was no mention of a dead body in the phone call.

It was obvious to the detectives that the crime scene had been staged since there were no apparent signs of forced entry.

The autopsy performed on Larry Walls showed that the murder was especially violent. He had 49 stab wounds to the body and had been bludgeoned over the head several times.

The investigation led back to Susan and Dawn Walls, who later made statements to police which implicated them both in the crime. Their cooperation also led to the arrests of 20-year-old Sean Gearhardt and 25-year-old Jason Starrick. Starrick and Gearhardt were friends and roommates of Dawn Walls, WSMV reported.

Susan and Dawn did want Larry Walls dead. But they hadn't desired to see him suffer such a violent death. They wanted a softer kill, such as suffocation.

All four defendants were sentenced to time in prison. In April 2016, the sentence for Susan Walls was reversed over a technicality. She is currently awaiting another trial, according to Times Gazette. However, the Tennessee Department of Corrections still shows her as incarcerated.

Watch Snapped tonight to get an update in Sue Walls' case. It airs this Sunday, October 30 at 9/8 p.m. Central on the Oxygen Network. Last week, the case of Diane Borchardt was aired.

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