Mariah Carey Denied James Packer Sex During Relationship, Insisted They Sleep In Separate Beds

Mariah Carey and James Packer reportedly never had sex during their long relationship, even after they got engaged. Reportedly, the singer vowed a long time ago never to engage in premarital sex, according to TMZ. Carey was so intent on honoring her vow that she insisted she and Packer sleep in separate rooms while they were living together.

Apparently, Carey sees herself as a “traditional girl,” despite her diva status. As such, she refused to have sex with fiance James even when they were already living under the same roof, not to mention the multiple romantic vacations that saw the two having romantic dinners on the businessman’s yacht.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that they never had a little “action.” According to TMZ, Carey and Packer made out every chance they could get, but it never went beyond that. This is reportedly the reason why James wanted to get married to Mariah as soon as possible.


Carey’s ex-husband Nick Cannon attested to the singer’s pre-marital vow of celibacy, admitting that they never went all the way until they got married.

Sources also told TMZ that Carey’s stance on pre-marital sex proves that the allegations of her cheating with choreographer Bryan Tanaka are false.

“Mariah and James had a fight in Greece, and have not seen each other since. The fight was not because of any cheating allegations or excessive spending by Mariah,” they said.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Mariah Carey and James Packer split after their romantic getaway in Greece in September. They reportedly haven’t seen each other for months, and the breakup is turning uglier by the day as the two parties engage each other in a war of words.

Carey’s rep told People that the singer “had to leave” James because he was “mentally unhealthy.” Packer’s camp went back at Carey, claiming that the Billboard chart-topper “has issues.” The singer also pointed out that James dumped Carey because he didn’t approve of her lavish lifestyle, despite the fact that he is a billionaire.

“James is definitely an oddball, but a brilliant great guy. Mariah has had mental breakdowns in the past. She hasn’t been acting very mentally stable lately. To put her issues on James is ridiculous,” said the source.

Mariah didn’t take the verbal attack lying down, as she said through a representative that the claims made about her sanity are “comical,” explaining that the singer “is having the most productive year.”

The hostile exchange of words between Packer and Carey came after the former couple’s 10-month engagement. Reports claim that Mariah broke up with James because “he has not been in a mentally healthy place and has not been present for Mariah or her family.”

“His behavior was not a desirable situation for Mariah so she unfortunately had to leave him,” they added.

Carey is also reportedly keeping the $13 million ring James presented her with on the day of his proposal.

Reports say that Mariah is seeking $50 million from Packer for making her move to Paris with him. She also says that she was so traumatized by the split that she had to cancel the South American leg of her tour.


On the contrary, a source told Page Six that Mariah and James never talked about money and that it was Packer who insisted Carey gets the ring after their split.

“Of course Mariah wants money, but she’s not getting $50 million. There’s no negotiations about money because they haven’t spoken since the split. He let her keep the ring, and she isn’t getting a cent more. It is ridiculous to claim that James is the reason for the cancellation of her South America tour. A few days ago she blamed it on the promoters.”

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