'Destiny' News: Information For Guardian Con 2017 Revealed In Latest Twitch Stream

Jon Fisher

It's no secret that Destiny' is more than just a video game. The futuristic shooting platform allows millions of people to interact with each other and even create change for others. Near the time of Destiny: Rise of Iron was released, Kevin, King Gothalion, and Professor Broman announced the date for Destiny Community Con's successor, Guardian Con.

After bringing in thousands of 'Destiny' fans from around the world and raising over $500,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the 2017 event is looking to be bigger and better than the previous two cons in Tampa, Florida. Headed by the aforementioned Twitch streamers and 'Destiny' community leaders, Gothalion, Broman and Kevin were able to sign on to present an information blast about Guardian Con.

Guardian Con is will be held on June 30- July 1, 2017. It's the Friday and Saturday before July 4.

It will be at the Florida State Fairgrounds in the Expo Hall, which is a bigger space than last year. Destiny Community Con allotted 58,000 square feet, now it's going to be 88,000 square feet. It also has sound dampening inside, which helps for audio purposes. The con is in its third year and it will be on par with the larger cons in the gaming industry. Guardian Con is growing at a rapid rate. Kevin and Gothalion modeled it after RTX, Rooster Teeth's annual expo.

Last year, a lot of press came close to Destiny Community Con, which means many people learned of it at the last minute. Anybody can see the first information blast at Guardian Con's Twitch channel. To make purchasing tickets easier, people will purchase their tickets online this year and that is the only way to get tickets for Guardian Con. If fans show up at the door without a ticket, then they will not be allowed to enter the con.

Attendees can show a ticket receipt on their phone, or print out the copy of their receipt. It will be scanned either at the convention center the day before the con. Or, people can get show their ticket receipts the day of the con. Plans are in the works to try and let the fans be able to get their tickets at respective hotels, but that information isn't guaranteed.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital wanted to partner with Guardian Con, due to the success Destiny Community Con achieved in 2016. They're working on a solid partnership that could include possible hotel deals around the South Tampa area for attendees. Broman went into greater detail on how St. Jude Children's Research Hospital was ecstatic in response to last year's charity donations from the community. The Destiny community helped become one of the largest gaming fundraisers in North America.

Broman announced the goal for Guardian Con is $1 million. St. Jude will donate a myriad of things to giveaway for rewards for donating in the week-long charity stream leading up to Guardian Con. There is now an annual fundraising total for Guardian Con if any Destiny community member holds their own fundraiser for St. Jude, which is in the works currently. St. Jude also wants Guardian Con to be involved at 5K's or walks to support a good cause. Logistics are still being worked on and will be finalized at a later date.

Day one at Guardian Con, which is June 30, will showcase multiple areas; one of them being a separate theater area. The main theater, as it will be called, will be dedicated to competitive play. Gothalion and Broman announced the Annual St. Jude Invitational, which is an exhibition for the community's best PVP players to dual in a 4v4 format on one stage to play for the community on day one. Also, they will have qualifiers with open sign-ups who can then enter the invitational. A trophy will be awarded to the winners.

Day two will go back to panels with a different format. Kevin said the direction they're heading towards is more of a "how-to" format, or like a workshop. For example, how to do a podcast and how to stream are quality panels to possibly introduce. Another thing Guardian Con wants to push for is to turn the floor of the show, outside of the theater, into more of a trade show-feeling; similar to E3 or PAX. Various vendors from the industry are willing to work with Guardian Con. Possible exclusive deals on merchandise could arise.

According to Kevin, the new focus of Guardian Con and is to pull out the grass roots of the Destiny' community. Art within the community will be focused. A separate theater will showcase podcasts. This community has multiple podcasts. They want to take those, along with new ones, and put them at the forefront of Guardian Con. One hundred to 300 people can fit in the theatre that will allow them to record an episode there or broadcast and record simultaneously.

Guardian Con will provide an art gallery to Destiny community members. A 10x10 space, that will cost around $250 for the space, is allowing the artists to sell their artwork. It has to be game-related art and the convention directors must see the art. The art needs to be set up the day before the convention begins. Guardian Con also wants to hear more from musical artists. There's an avenue for that as well.

2,199 tickets were sold by pre-sale for Destiny Community Con. 1,600 people were turned away. Due to that, the week-long charity stream may be earlier than it was last year to allow more people to buy tickets online. The Guardian Con directors are stressing that no tickets will be sold at the door. Multiple versions of tickets can be purchased for Guardian Con 2017.

There is a two-day ticket that gets fans in the con both days. The two-day ticket will cost $40, plus various fees from the ticketing website. A one-day ticket, which are in very limited quantity. Those can be purchased for $25. About 7,000 people will come thru the door each day, so the percentage of one-day tickets are small in quantity. Lastly, VIP tickets are available as well. There will be 700 VIP tickets that can be bought by attendees.

They are two-day passes only. Those tickets will sell for $150 each. That includes entry to the VIP lounge that has complimentary food and beverage. Content creators will circulate through the lounge both days. Also, they get a branded backpack from a various company with a gift bag inside.

Guardian Con 17's official shirt is already on sale. GuardianCon.co/merch is the place to find it. Tickets will be able on November 25 at 12:00 p.m. est. It's also Black Friday for consumers.

A t-shirt will also be inside the bag. Credentials will be the only way to get inside the con both days, t-shirts won't be as relevant as they were for Destiny Community Con. VIP's are also allowed early access that begins at 9 a.m., while a regular ticket lets people in at 10 a.m., the start of the con. You will get exclusive seating at the main theatre and the podcast theatre.

Up until Guardian Con 17, there will be more information blasts by Kevin, Professor Broman and King Gothalion through their Twitch channel. Also, they can be found on Twitter at "@GuardianCon" and will provide more information periodically. The next information blast will be held in early-December.

[Featured Image by Guardian Con]