Josh Gates Returns For Another Exciting ‘Expedition Unknown’ Season [Mild Spoilers]

Last season on Expedition Unknown, Josh Gates took fans along with him as he traveled around the world in an attempt to answer some the biggest mysteries known to man. The adventurer extraordinaire recently thanked fans on his Facebook page for watching his recent special, Expedition Unknown: Hunt for the Yeti and Gates included a preview of the new season. He also commented, “Hope you enjoyed the #HuntForTheYeti! Our Himalayan adventure was just the beginning. Tune in next week for the kickoff to Season 3 of #ExpeditionUnknown on Travel Channel!”


On the third season of Expedition Unknown, Josh Gates will lead viewers ever closer to the truth behind the stories and legends that have captured the imagination of many. He will explore the legends surrounding Attila the Hun, Captain Kidd, and D.B. Cooper. The Futon Critic shared that from excavating ruins and jumping out of planes on this season of Expedition Unknown, to diving for hidden riches in the deep seas, Gates will embark on 16 intense and riveting expeditions as he searches for even more archeological treasures.

TV Series Finale shared that on upcoming episodes of Expedition Unknown include Josh’s exploration into the collapse of Greece’s Minoan civilization; a search for lost World War II-era gold and diamond treasures in Germany and Corsica; following clues that could lead to the location of the Ark of the Covenant in Israel and Africa; an investigation into the possible re-emergence of Australia’s extinct Tasmanian tiger; and the hunt for woolly mammoth remains.


“Our new expeditions are wild,” says Gates, who also serves as an executive producer of Expedition Unknown. “These stories are taking us to the ends of the earth, from the frosted hinterlands of Siberia to the deserts of Namibia. We’re investigating incredible, addictive legends and taking epic journeys. We’re chasing pirate treasure, criminal masterminds, vanished empires and priceless relics. Get ready for dynamite explosions, perilous underwater dives and a free fall at terminal velocity as I jump out of a plane for the first time. In short: this season is a full-on, crazy adventure.”

With Gates, fans of Expedition Unknown also get a little fun and adventure, along with some geography and history thrown in for good measure. As he looks for clues to unraveling each mystery and exposing the truth behind the various stories, his interactions with different cultures and peoples is always fun to watch. Known for his enormous sense of humor, it’s somewhat of a shame that he mostly works alone on Expedition Unknown. A traveling companion that he could bounce his jokes and funny commentary off of would definitely be a plus.


Gates brings Expedition Unknown viewers to locations they normally wouldn’t see, let alone experience personally, and this season is no different. In the premiere episode of Expedition Unknown, titled “Plummer’s Gold,” Josh heads to the gold rush territory of Montana. Once there, he will travel from Virginia City to Bannack, and into the Montana hills in search of the legendary lost fortune of the notorious Old West sheriff, Henry Plummer. Gates will meet with local experts and use the latest, cutting-edge technology to explore hidden cave systems. In the hopes of striking it big, an unexplored, sealed mine that is over a century old will be blasted open.

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