Shelley Mook On ’48 Hours’: Missing Tennessee Mom’s Body Never Found, Violent Ex-Hubby Tyler Mook In Prison

Authorities believe that missing mom Shelley Mook is most likely dead as her body was never found. Tonight, CBS’ 48 Hours is bringing awareness to the case on their weekly series.

The episode title that explores Shelley Mook’s case is “Bad Boy.” Police believe that the Tennessee teacher’s ex-husband is not only a bad boy but a killer. Currently, he is in prison serving a sentence of 12 years for the attempted murder of his new girlfriend. On 48 Hours, viewers will hear from the dedicated detective, who has been working the case for the past five years. Shelley Mook’s friends and family members will also make an appearance.

48 Hours: “Bad Boy”

Recounts the case of missing Bedford County teacher and mother Shelley Mook and the connection to her disappearance and Tyler Mook’s new attempted murder case.


Shelbyville, Tennessee, Teacher Gone

48 Hours’ investigation begins in February of 2011, when Shelley Mook left her job at Harris Middle School for the last time. She had big plans, which included taking some time off from work and moving into her new home. First, she needed to drop off her daughter at the home of her ex-husband, Tyler Mook.

Police say that’s the last time anyone saw her. Shelley’s car was found abandoned and torched a day later. As it turns out, Shelley Mook was last seen going inside Tyler’s home, according to a witness who later came forward. Whatever happened next is anyone’s guess.

Friends and family members know that Shelley Mook, a beloved English teacher, would never take off, leaving her home, job, and daughter without letting anyone know.

Since she vanished, her anguished friends and family members have been actively searching for her and seeking information about what may have happened to her, according to 48 Hours.

Detectives Are Sure The Ex Killed Her: Body Never Found

Tennessee detectives learned that Shelley Mook was a victim of domestic violence in her relationship with Tyler Mook. Tyler was handsome and tough, a real eye-catcher for women who like those kinds of men.

But authorities say those real-life tough guys are often dangerous, and there is something evil lurking inside them that remains hidden until someone wakes up the beast inside them.


Suspect Tried To Kill New Girlfriend

In 2014, Tyler Mook’s new girlfriend got to see that beast up close and personal during a boating trip. She made the mistake of telling Tyler that he was driving the boat too fast. That’s when he suddenly snapped and pushed her out of the boat and into the water. Then, he tried to drown her. She was later saved.

Sheriff William D. Snyder made the following statement, according to the New York Daily News.

“There was a struggle. She was able to get loose from him. He got ahold of her again, held her back underwater in what was clearly an attempt to kill her.”

The victim in that case, Robin Donech, had the courage to press charges against Tyler Mook. He was eventually convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Coming Up On CBS’ 48 Hours “Bad Boy” Episode

  • A look at Tyler’s violent background, which includes one other attempt to kill his ex-wife Shelley Mook before she disappeared.
  • An examination of Tyler Mook’s accidental 911 call, which may implicate him in the disappearance of his wife, according to the Times Free Press.
  • Shelley Mook’s best friend will discuss how everyone wanted to know more about Shelley’s husband, Tyler.
  • Tyler Mook was not only a bad boy, but he was also mysterious.
  • There were a lot of secrets in the Mooks’ home.

Shelley Mook’s family has been keeping up with case and maintains her Facebook page and the Find Shelly website.

Tune into 48 Hours tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on CBS. Before tonight’s story, read up on the case of a faithful wife who accidentally killed her cheating hubby in a road rage incident when she caught him with his much younger mistress. The case of Frances Hall aired on 48 Hours two weeks ago.

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